User Manual Haier HRF328W2 Vertical Refrigerator

Haier HRF328W2 Vertical Refrigerator - Use Manual - Use Guide PDF.
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  • Owner's manual - (English)

User Manual Refrigerator Haier HRF328W2  
Table Of Contents

  • Cautions
  • Installation
  • Door reversibility.
  • Space requirement
  • Aligning the appliance
  • Energy Saving Tips
  • Product description
  • Control panel
  • Start-up
  • Temperature setting and display visualization
  • Product functions
  • Super cooling
  • Holiday function
  • Child Lock
  • Turning the appliance off/on

Storage of fresh food

  • Store fresh and undamaged foods, their quality and freshness will be kept longer.
  • Check the best-before date of ready-made foods and drinks stored in your appliance.
  • Remove expired foods from your appliance, don't let foods decaying inside of it, preventing mold, smell, bacteria.
  • Preserve aroma, colour and freshness, pack or cover food carefully before placing in the appliance. Hot foods must be cooled to room temperature before storing in the appliance.
  • Clean the food and dry any droplets on it before placing in the appliance. Food to be stored should be properly sealed.
  • This will prevent moisture in the food from evaporating and prevent them from spoiling.
  • Food to be stored should be sorted according to their category. Food consumed daily should be placed on the front part of the shelves. This can avoid unnecessary delays in door opening expiration of the storage period because you forgot to eat it.
  • Do not store excessive quantities of food. Leave spaces between foods to allow cold air flowing around them, for a better and more homogeneous cooling. Leave a gap between foods and the inner walls, allowing air flowing.
  • In special way don't store foods the rear wall: foods could freeze against rear wall. Avoid contact of foods containing oils with inner walls, to prevent surfaces erosion.
  • In such a case, clean oily dirt.

Some suggestions:

  • For vegetables such as turnip radish, please cut-off leaves before storage to prevent that their nutritional content is absorbed by their leaves. Some vegetables, for example, onion, garlic, ginger, water chestnut, and other rhizomatic foods, can be stored for long periods at normal temperature, with no need to be stored in the appliance.
  • The metabolism of vegetable marrow, melons, pawpaw, banana, pineapple can be quickened in the appliance, so it is not suitable to store them in the appliance. Storing green fruits in the appliance for certain periods can promote its uring.

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