User Manual Haier HCF324 - 106cm, 324L Chest Freezer

Haier HCF324 - 106cm, 324L Chest Freezer - Use Manual - Use Guide PDF.
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User manual Chest Freezer for Haier HCF324

Snap freeze groceries to preserve freshness and flavour for the longer term with SuperFreeze™. With easy-lift counterweight door, white interior lining for reduced energy consumption and small items basket.

  • Quick response cooling with innovative Super Freeze technology.
  • Interior light Premium white anodized inner lining for better thermal efficiency reducing energy consumption.
  • 2 year parts and labour warranty.


  • Freshness for the long haul. Lock in nutrients, flavour and appearance for the long term with SuperFreeze.
  • Real convenience Easy lift counterweight lid, perfect for when your hands are full.
  • Bright interior lighting. Vibrant lighting for a better internal view.

Key Features

  • Quickly and easily cools your stored items via Super Freeze technology
  • Made with premium white anodised inner lining to enhance thermal efficiency
  • Built-in lighting helps illuminate the interior
  • Front-mounted adjustable temperature control for fast setting changes
  • Easy-to-lift counterweight door with recessed grip

This warranty DOES NOT cover:

  • A Service calls which are not related to any defect in the Product. The cost of a service call will be charged if the problem is not found to be a Product related fault. For example:
  • Correct the installation of the product.
  • Provide Instruction on use of the product or change the setup of the product.
  • Replace house fuses or correct house wiring.
  • Correcting fault(s) caused by the user.
  • Noise or vibration that is considered normal.
  • Water on the floor due to incorrect loading or excessive suds.
  • Blocked pumps, removal of foreign objects/substances from the machine, including the pump and inlet house filters.
  • Correcting damage caused by pests, eg. rats, cockroaches etc.
  • Correct corrosion or discolouration due to chemical attack.
  • Power outages or surges.

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