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User manual Chest Freezer for Haier HCF201


When using this appliance, always exercise basic safety precautions, including the following:

  • Use this appliance only for its intended purpose as described in this use and care guide.
  • This freezer must be properly installed in accordance with the installation instructions before it is used. See grounding instructions in the installation section.
  • Never unplug your freezer by pulling on the power cord. Always grasp the plug firmly and pull straight out from the outlet
  • Repair or replace immediately, all electric service cords that have become frayed or otherwise damaged. Do not use a cord that shows cracks or abrasion damage along its length, the plug or the connector end.
  • Unplug your freezer before cleaning or before making any repairs.
  • Note: If for any reason this product requires service, we strongly recommend that a certified technician performs the service.
  • Do not use any electrical device or any sharp instrument in defrosting your freezer.
  • If your old freezer is not being used, we recommend that you remove the lid and leave the shelves in place. This will reduce the possibility of danger to children.
  • After your freezer is in operation, do not touch the cold surfaces in the freezer compartment, particularly when hands are damp or wet. skin may adhere to these extremely cold surfaces.
  • Do not refreeze frozen foods, which have been thawed completely.
  • This freezer should not be recessed or builtin an enclosed cabinet. It is designed for freestanding installation only.
  • Do not operate your freezer in the presence of explosive fumes.
  • The refrigerant is flammable. Do not damage the refrigerant circuit.
  • The appliance is not intended for use by children or infirm persons without supervision.
  • Extreme care must be taken when disposing of your old appliance to avoid hazards.
  • The refrigerant gas must be safely removed.
  • It is hazardous for anyone other than an Authorised Service Person to service this appliance. In Queensland-the authorized Service Person MUST hold a Gas Work
  • Licence or Authorisation for hydrocarbon refrigerants,to carry out Servicing or repairs which involve the removal of covers.


Freezer Does Not Operate:

  • Check if freezer is plugged in.
  • Check if there is power at the ac outlet, by checking the circuit breaker.
  • Wait for 30-40 minutes to see whether freezer will start. Compressor cycle must be complete to operate.

Food temperature appears too warm:

  • Frequent lid openings.
  • Allow time for recently added warm food to reach freezer temperature.
  • Check gaskets for proper seal.
  • Adjust temperature control to colder setting.

Food temperature is too cold:

  • If temperature control setting is too cold, adjust to a warmer setting and allow several hours for temperature to adjust.

Freezer runs too frequently:

  • This may be normal to maintain constant temperature during high temperature and humid days.
  • Lid may have been opened frequently or for an extended period of time. e Check gasket seal.
  • Check to see if lid are completely closed.

Freezer has an odour:

  • Interior needs cleaning.
  • Foods improperly wrapped or sealed are giving off odours.


Risk of child entrapment. Before you throw away your old appliance, remove the lid. Leave the shelves in place so that children may not easily climb inside.

  • WARNING — Keep ventilation openings, in the appliance enclosure or in the built-in structure, clear of obstruction.
  • WARNING — Do not use mechanical devices or other means to accelerate the defrosting process, other than those recommended by the manufacturer.
  • WARNING — Do not use electrical appliances inside the food storage compartments of the appliance, unless they are of the type recommended by the manufacturer.
  • WARNING — Do not damage the refrigerant circuit.
  • If the supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer, service agent or similarly qualified person in order to avoid a hazard.
  • Do not store explosive substances such aerosol cans with a flammable propellant in this appliance.
  • This appliance can be used by children aged from 8 years and above and persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities or lack of experience and knowledge if they have been given supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance in a safe way and understand the hazards involved.
  • Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the appliance.

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