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Use Care & Guide for Haier HCF524W2

Table of Contents

  • Installation 
  • Rating plate 
  • Connection to power supply
  • temperature selection 
  • Indicator - lights 
  • Warning buzzer 
  • Start - up 
  • Freezing / storage of fresh food 
  • Maximum stacking height 
  • Storage time 
  • Precautions and advice 
  • After - sales service
  • Cleaning and maintenance
  • Defrosting 
  • Interior lighting 
  • Resolving faults on your own 
  • Guarantee
  • Troubleshooting guide ( what is when )
  • Components 

Installation ( Choice of position for installation )

Strictly avoid high ambient temperatures and direct sunlight. We advise you to place your appliance in a cool, well aired, dry room. Installation in the immediate vicinity of a heat source ( heating, oven etc. ) is highly inappropriate ( increased compressor performance would be necessary and, result, power consumption would be considerably higher ).

If the installation near a heat source cannot be avoided a suitable insulation plate must be fitted between the appliance and the heat source ( do not use asbestos ) , or the following minimum distances must be observed :

  • from gas or electric cooker      3 cm
  • from radiator or oven.              5 cm
  • from a wall , piece of furniture or another appliance.         2 cm     

Never obstruct the ventilation grille

Larger chest freezers are equipped with a ventilation grille ( F ) located below on one side. These appliances can be placed directly against a wall or a piece of furniture but not with the side protected with the ventilation grille.

Freezers without ventilation grille

Leave sufficient space between the rear of the appliance and the wall to ensure that outward flow of warm air is able to escape.

The appliance must be placed horizontally and on a levelled base. Only this way can an impeded circuit of the refrigerant and optimum function be ensured.

Connection to power supply

Your appliance must be connected to a power socked with grounded connection, which is conform to the respective standards and has been installed by an authorised specialist.

Before you connect the plug of the appliance with the power socket , make absolutely sure that the voltage ( V ) on the appliance's data - plate corresponds with that of your mains. If the voltage differs , notify the after - sales - service or your dealer immediately, and do not on any account connect the appliance to the mains.

temperature selection ( Thermostat ) ( FIG.4 ) 

To prevent temperature being accidentally modified, the control is intentionally resistant to turning. To setting, we recommend to use a coin or screwdriver.

To switch on : Turn the control to the right adjust temperature to the level you require , between :

  • Min . ( slight cooling ) and
  • max . ( lowest temperature )

Temperature settings must be according to :

  • ambient temperature of the appliance
  • quantity of stored foodstuff
  • frequency of opening

We recommend a medium setting. You will soon learn which is the most suitable setting for your requirements.

Indicator - lights ( FIG.4 )

If your appliance is equipped with indicator - lights , the following guide explains what is meant by each light up :

green = CONTROL

The appliance is under current and operating

The green control light must always be on when the appliance is connected to the mains and switched on . It is very important to pay attention to this , because in the event of a power failure , the red and yellow lights stop operating and do no longer provide a warning .

- red = ALARM

Interior temperature too high If the red indicator - light goes on , there may be several reasons for this , namely :

  • First start - up of appliance
  • Restart after defrosting
  • Filling freezer with fresh food

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