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User Manual Upright Freezer Haier HFZ-85A

Table of Contents

  • For the User
  • Important Safety Instructions
  • Description of the Appliance
  • Using Your Appliance
  • Before Use
  • Thermostat Controls
  • To Start The Appliance
  • The Freezer Compartment
  • Freezing Fresh Food
  • Frozen Food Storage
  • Hints and Tips
  • Normal Operating Sounds
  • Food Storage
  • Energy Saving Advice
  • In the event of a Power Failure
  • Maintenance and Cleaning
  • Internal Cleaning
  • External Cleaning
  • To Defrost the Freezer
  • When the Appliance is Not in Use
  • Troubleshooting 

Important Safety Instructions

  • This appliance is heavy Care should be taken when moving it .
  • It is dangerous to alter the specifications or attempt to modify this product in any way ,
  • Ensure that the appliance does not stand on the electrical supply cable . If the supply cord is damaged , it must be replaced by a special cord available from your Local Service Centre ,
  • Any electrical work required to install this appliance should be carried out by a qualified electrician or competent person .
  • Whenever possible , the back of the appliance should be close to a wall but leaving the required distance for ventilation as stated in the installation instructions .
  • The appliance should be left to stand for 2 hours after installation before itis turned on , in order to allow the refrigerant to settle .


Before any maintenance or cleaning work is carried out , DISCONNECT the appliance from the ELECTRICITY supply

Internal Cleaning

Clean the inside and the baskets with warm water and bicarbonate of soda ( 5ml to 0.5 litre of water ) . Wipe clean and dry thoroughly .

Do not use detergents , abrasive powders , highly perfumed cleaning products, wax polishes or cleaning products containing bleach or alcohol .

External Cleaning

Wash the outer cabinet with warm soapy water

Do NOT use abrasive products . There are sharp edges on the under side of the product so care should be taken when cleaning .

To Defrost the Freezer

  1. Wrap any food in layers of newspaper or blankets , if you do not have access to another freezer
  2. Switch the appliance off at the wall socket and remove the plug
  3. Open the freezer door
  4. Place a suitable container to collect the defrost water 
  5. After defrosting , clean and dry the interior .
  6. Switch the appliance on and replace any frozen food .
  • Defrosting can be sped up by putting bowls of hot ( not boiling ) water in the freezer and loosening the frost with a suitable ( ie . not sharp ) plastic scraper .
  • If the temperature of frozen food is allowed to rise during defrosting , its storage life may be shortened .


No power to the appliance

  • Check that there is power at the socket .
  • Check that the fuse has not blown .

The temperature in the freezer section is too high

  • Check that the ambient temperature is within the freezer's operating limits of 16 ° c to 32 ° C . Relocate the appliance if necessary
  • Check that the thermostat is turned to the correct setting , relative to ambient conditions .

The freezer door will not open

  • If the door has just been opened , you may need to wait a minute or two for the pressure , to equalise .

The compressor runs continuously

  • Make sure that the thermostatis not set to " Max " See " Thermostat Control " on page 5 for details .
  • Check that the door is closed properly and that the door seals are intact and clean .
  • Large quantities of food have recently been placed in the freezer and / or the door is frequently opened .
  • Check that sufficient ventilation is available . See " Ventilation Requirements " on page 11 for details .

Excessive frost and ice has built up

  • Ensure the door is not left open
  • Check that nothing is preventing the door from closing .
  • Check that the door gasket ( seal ) is intact and clean .
  • Defrost the freezer as described on page 8 ( " See To Defrost the Freezer " ) .

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