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User manual of Haier HBF130S (11 pages)
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Please read this operation manual carefully before operation.

Keep it properly for future reference.

For Domestic Use Only

+ The manufacturer keeps on developing various types of refrigerators. so he has the right to modify designs. products and technical data without further notice.



Name of Each Part


Setting up

Operation Instruction

Left/Right - opened door


Main Technical Data


If the floor is uneven please adjust the adjustable screws at the


WARNING: If the supply cord is damaged. it must be replaced by the manufacturer. or authorised service agent or similar qualified person in order to avoid a hazard.

The plug should be accessible after the appliance is positioned.

WARNING: The appliance is not intended for use by young children or infirm persons with out supervision.

WARNING: Young children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the appliance.

The appliance can’t be placed with its rear panel directly against the wall.For good air circulation. the vent grille at the back of the worktop must not be blocked.

It should be placed on flat and firm ground lest it gives off higher noise than usual.

Poorly ventilated rooms are unsuitable.

Avoid positioning the appliance in direct sunlight or exposing to similar sources of heat.

Never store anything dangerous in the appliance. uch as combustibles. exposives. strong acid and alkali.etc.

The appliance is not intended for use by young children or infirm persons with out supervision.

Young children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the appliance.

The power supply for appliance is V~. 0Hz single phase.

It is not recommended to use extention cords.

Connect the appliance with a properly earthed three-wire plug and socket.

Setting up

Setting up




Operating Instruction


The knob graduation 0. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. does not stand for concrete temperature.

The smaller the numbers. the higher the temperature in the compartment and vice versa. Usually. it’s better to put the ther mostat in Pos. “1”. Pos. “4”. Pos. “0” shows the power is cut off.

Storing food

The temperature varies within the refrig erator are different due to different re frigeration distribution. Thus when you store food. select the best position to meet your needs.

The coldest position is 1. Temperature from low to high in order as 2. . . . . .


When making ice. add water to the ice tray until 4/5 full with the grid in it and place it on the bottom of the ice chamber.

Twist the tray or place it briefly in warm water to remove the ice cubes.

NOTE Do not use a knife and the like when re moving the ice tray.

Operating Instructions

Notes on storage

Where necessary. food should be packed in bags. to avoid giving off strong odours or getting wet or dry.

Do not store food too full in the appliance. Allow space among the pack ages of food for perfect refrigerating.

Hot food or liqiud must be cooled to room temperature before placing in refrigerator.


The appliance can only be cleaned when the net-work plug is removed. Clean it with luke-warm water containing a little detergent. In any case do not use hot water. corrosive scouring agent or any thing rough.

NOTE Do not use anything rough for cleaning.

Put the plug out.

Operating Instructions

When defrosting. switch off the appliance. Remove food from the ice c h a m b e r. i t w i l l b e d e f r o s t e d automatically. When the defrosting pro cess has been compeleted. the drip-tray should be depleted. Replace the food and switch on the appliance.


If the appliance remains out of use for some time. pull out the plug to discon nect the appliance from the power supply. Clean the interior as described above to prevent odours from forming inside.

The appliance door should be opened as little and briefly as possible to reduce energy consumption.

In the event of a power failure. try to keep the appliance closed to maintain the re frigeration as long as possible.



Left/Right-opened door

This product is assembled according to the right-opened door

In case the left-opened door configuration is required. this can be

Remove the right hinge. hinge mount and the lower hinge from the

Put stoppers in the holes that occur.

Install the left hinge and hinge mount (two items of accessory parts)

Dismantle the shaft from the lower hinge. put it into the hole on the left

Install the door body with the refitted lower hinge and put the lower

Install the door handle on the right side of the door body with screws

Stuff the two holes on the left side of the door body with handle hole


In the event of a fault occurring during operation. check

The appliance does

The temperature in

Excessive noise from

1. It is not switched on properly. or the mains plug

2. The thermostat knob is turned to position “0”.

3. Supply voltage is too low.

1. The appliance is too full of food.

2. The appliance is located too close to a source of heat.

3. The door is not properly closed or is opened too

4. The vent grille is covered over.

The appliance is not standing securely on the ground.

If it is none of these circumstances and you are not able to repair the fault. please contact a authorised service agent.

Main technical data









V~. 0Hz

R134a 61g



V~. 0Hz

R134a 61g



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