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  • The appliance can be placed with its rear panel directly against the wall . For a good air circulation , the vent grille at the back of the worktop must not be blocked . It should be placed on flat and firm ground . excess vibration .
  • Poorly ventilated rooms are unsuitable . Avoid positioning the appliance in direct sunshine or exposed to similar sources of hear .


  • The knob graduation 0. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7 . does not stand for a specific temperature . The smaller the numbers , the lower the temperature in the compartment and vice versa . Usually it's better to put the thermostat in . Pos . " 4 " . Pos . " 0 " shows the power is cut off .


  • The temperatures in different positions inside the refrigerator are different due to different refrigeration distribution . Thus when you store food , select the proper position to meet your needs .
  • The coldest position is ( D. Temperature from low to high in order as 2 3 4 5.


  • Where necessary , food should be packed in bags , to avoid giving off strong odours .
  • Do not overfill the appliance . Allow space among the packages of food for perfect refrigerating .
  • Hot food or liquid must be allowed hefore placing in it the appliance .


  • Remove the pulg before cleaning . Clean it with lukewarm water containing a little detergent . In any case Do not use hot water , corrosive scouring agent of anything rough .
  • NOTE: Do not use anything rough for cleaning .


  • When defrosting , switch off the appliance . Remove all foods from the compartment . The defrosting will commence automatically.When defrosting process has been the completed . the drip - tray should be emptied . Replace the food and switch on the appliance.

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