User Manual Thermador MU30RSU 30 Inch Over the Range 2.1 cu. ft. Capacity Microwave Oven

Thermador MU30RSU 30 Inch Over the Range 2.1 cu. ft. Capacity Microwave Oven - Use Manual - Use Guide PDF.
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User manual  Microwave Oven for Thermador MU30RSU

Table of contents

  • Safety Definitions
  • TV / Radio Interference
  • Cooking Items
  • Cooking Utensils
  • Glass Tray / Turntable Ring
  • Exhaust Mode Operation
  • Thermometers
  • Pacemakers
  • State of California Proposition
  • Warnings
  • Fan Motor Operation
  • Room Venting with Carbon Filter
  • Causes of Damage
  • Protecting the environment
  • Getting Started
  • Parts
  • Control Panel
  • Accessories
  • Before Using the Appliance for the First Time
  • Cleaning accessories
  • Applying the program label
  • Before Calling for Service
  • THERMADOR® Support
  • Before Calling Service
  • Data Plate
  • Service
  • Parts and Accessories

Setting the clock

The clock can be set in 12-hour mode.

  • Touch CLOCK once.
  • Enter the time using the number keys. Example: To set the clock to 12:41 type in 1 2 4 1.
  • Touch CLOCK to confirm. The time of day is displayed.

Operating the microwave

The appliance must be turned off.

  • Enter the desired cooking duration with the number keys. The timer display will fill in from right to left. Example: To set a microwave cooking time of 20 minutes and 30 seconds, enter the numbers 2 0 3 0. START is blinking.
  • You can start microwave operation with the default power level 10 by touching START/ENTER, or - you can adjust the power level. Touch POWER LEVEL. The default power level " PL 10" is blinking. The segments in the bar underneath the number display also indicate the power level.
  • Enter the desired power level using the number keys. " PL" and the selected power level and START are blinking in the display.
  • Touch START/ENTER to start microwave operation. The microwave timer will start to count down.

The microwave timer can be changed during operation by touching ADD 30 SECONDS.

The power level can be changed during operation. To display the set power level, touch POWER LEVEL.

Once the microwave time has run out, four beeps will sound. The appliance turns off and the clock is displayed.

Tips for defrosting

  • Always enter the weight in lb when using the defrost by weight feature (see program table).
  • Use the defrost mode for raw food items only.
  • Defrosting gives best results when food to be thawed is a minimum of 0° F (taken directly from a freezer). If the food has been stored in a refrigerator-freezer that does not maintain a temperature of 5° F or below, always program a lower food weight or lower cook time to prevent cooking the food.
  • If the frozen food is stored outside the freezer for up to 20 minutes, enter a reduced cook time or weight.
  • The shape of the package will alter the defrosting time. Shallow rectangular food packets defrost more quickly than a deep frozen block of food.
  • Separate pieces as they begin to defrost. Separated frozen pieces of food defrost better.
  • Shield warm areas of food with small pieces of aluminum foil, if they start to heat up.

Use small pieces of aluminum foil to shield food items like chicken wings, leg tips and fish tails.

Do not allow aluminum foil to touch the oven cavity when defrosting.

Sensor Cook

Sensor Cook allows you to cook many of your favorite foods without selecting cooking times and power levels. The microwave oven automatically determines the required cooking time for each food item.

For best results for cooking by sensor, follow these recommendations:

  • Food cooked with the sensor system should start from normal storage temperature.
  • Turntable tray, glass tray and outside of container should be dry.
  • Foods should always be covered loosely with microwavable plastic wrap, wax paper or lid.
  • Do not open the door or touch CLEAR/OFF key during sensing time. When sensing time is over, the oven beeps twice and the remaining cooking time will appear in the display. At this time you can open the door to stir, turn or rearrange the food.

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