User Manual Thermador T36BB920SS 36-Inch Built-in Professional Two Door Bottom Freezer

Thermador T36BB920SS 36-Inch Built-in Professional Two Door Bottom Freezer - Use Manual - Use Guide PDF.
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User Manual
  • User Manual - (English, French, Spanish)
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User manual Freezer for Thermador T36BB920SS

Table of contents

  • Important safety instructions
  • Definitions
  • About these instructions
  • Introduction
  • Risk of explosion
  • Risk of electric shock
  • Risk of cold burns
  • Risk of injury
  • Risk of fire
  • Avoiding placing children and vulnerable
  • people at risk
  • Damage
  • Weight
  • State of California Proposition
  • Warnings
  • Intended use
  • Environmental protection
  • Packaging
  • Old appliances
  • Installation and connection
  • Contents of package
  • Technical data
  • Installing the appliance
  • Check built-in cut-out
  • Side-by-side installation
  • Saving energy
  • Before using for the first time
  • Setting the language
  • Setting the temperature unit
  • Setting the temperature

Water filter

  • Change the water filter after 6 months at the latest.
  • If the ice tastes stale, discard the rest of the ice cubes and the ones produced over the next 24 hours. If the ice still tastes stale, change the water filter.
  • Note: If you use an external water filter system, you can also operate the appliance without a water filter.Replace the water filter with a bypass cartridge. Switch off the water filter counter. There is no need to change the bypass cartridge.
  • A new water filter or bypass cartridge can be obtained from customer service or a specialist dealer.

Exchange water filter or replace with bypass cartridge

You can change the water filter, or replace it with a bypass cartridge. The bypass cartridge can remain in the appliance permanently: it does not need to be changed.

Note: After installing a water filter or a bypass cartridge, discard all ice cubes produced over the first 24 hours.

  • Turn the cap of the water filter counter-clockwise.
  • Take the water filter out.
  • Remove the protective cap of the new water filter or the new bypass cartridge.
  • Take off the cap of the used water filter and put it on the new water filter or bypass cartridge.
  • Slide the new water filter or bypass cartridge to the stop in the filter opening.
  • Note: The cap must be horizontal here.
  • Turn the water filter or bypass cartridge clockwise to the mark.
  • Note: If you do not turn the water filter or bypass cartridge far enough, damage will be caused by escaping water.

Switching the appliance on

  • Press the main On/Off switch. The appliance starts cooling and the light is switched on when the door is open.
  • Set the required temperature.

Operating tips

  • When the appliance has been switched on, it may take several hours until the set temperatures have been reached. Do not put in any food until the selected temperature has been reached.
  • The fully automatic NoFrost system ensures that the freezer compartment remains frost-free. Defrosting is not required.
  • The front sides of the housing are partly heated slightly. This prevents condensation in the area of the door seal.
  • If the freezer compartment door cannot be immediately re-opened after it has been closed, wait until the resulting low pressure has equalized.

Vacation mode

If leaving the appliance for a long period of time, you can switch it over to energy-saving holiday mode.

Do not store any food in the refrigerator compartment during this time.

The appliance automatically sets the following temperatures:

  • Refrigerator compartment: +57 °F (+14 °C)
  • Freezer compartment: unchanged. Ice cube production is deactivated.

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