User Manual Thermador MED302RWS 30-Inch Masterpiece Double Wall Oven

Thermador MED302RWS 30-Inch Masterpiece Double Wall Oven - Use Manual - Use Guide PDF.
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User Manual
  • Owner's manual - (English, French)
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  • Home Connect Leaflet - (English)
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User manual Oven for Thermador MED302RWS

Table of contents

  • ContentsUseandcaremanual
  • Safety Definitions
  • Proper Installation and Maintenance
  • Fire Safety
  • Burn Prevention
  • Child Safety
  • Cleaning Safety
  • Cookware Safety
  • Warming Drawer Safety
  • State of California Proposition
  • Warning:
  • Causes of Damage
  • Protecting the Environment
  • Saving Energy
  • Accessories
  • Accessories Included
  • Special Accessories (not included)
  • Getting to Know the Appliance
  • Oven Overview
  • Oven Cavities
  • Oven Cavity Features
  • Control Panel
  • Main Menu
  • Heating Modes Menu
  • Before First Use
  • Before Using the Appliance for the First Time
  • Initial Use
  • Cleaning the Accessories
  • Adjust Basic Settings
  • General Operation
  • High Altitude Baking
  • Switching the Appliance On and Off
  • Timer Options
  • Setting a Heating Mode
  • Changing or Cancelling the Appliance Operation
  • Fast Preheat
  • Panel Lock
  • Auto Convection Conversion
  • Temperature Offset
  • Meat Probe
  • Sabbath Mode

Saving Energy

  • You may remove unneeded oven racks or accessories from the oven cavity before cooking. This will reduce the amount of preheat time required.
  • Open the appliance door as infrequently as possible when the appliance is in use.
  • It is best to bake several cakes one after the other while the cavity is still warm and the oven does not need to preheat again.
  • Keep your oven clean and avoid grease buildup as this may lengthen preheat times and increase emissions.

Preheating the Oven

  • Place oven racks in desired position before heating the oven.
  • Preheat the oven when using the Bake, Convection Bake, True Convection, Pizza, Broil, Convection Broil, and Warm modes.
  • Preheat is not required for Speed Convection, Roast, Convection Roast, Proof, and Dehydrate modes.
  • Allow oven to preheat while preparing recipe ingredients or food items.
  • Setting a higher temperature does not shorten preheat time.
  • Once oven is preheated, open the oven door and place food in the oven as quickly as possible to minimize the loss of heat and reduction of oven temperature.
  • Use Fast Preheat to speed up preheating.

Preheat Reminders

The lower element is hidden under the oven bottom. It is normal that the preheat time is different than your previous oven that had an exposed element on the bottom.

  • Preheating is not necessary for meats, poultry, casseroles and Speed Convection mode.
  • Preheat time will be longer when the electrical supply to your house is less than 240 volts.
  • Increasing the oven temperature will require a longer preheat time. For example, the preheat time for 425° F is longer than the preheat time for 350° F.

When broiling, preheat the oven 3-4 minutes. Do not preheat for more than 5 minutes.

Before Using the Appliance for the First Time

  • Appliance must be properly installed by a qualified technician before use.
  • Remove all packing materials from inside and outside the oven.
  • While cool, wipe with a clean, damp cloth and dry.
  • There may be a slight odor from your new appliance; this is normal and will disappear after a short time.
  • Optimum cooking results depend on proper cookware being used.
  • Read and understand all safety precautions and Use and Care Manual information.

Changing the Settings

  • Touch the ON l OFF touch button.
  • Touch the MENU touch button.
  • Swipe to the left or right to select "Settings 4".
  • Touch “Continue”.
  • Swipe to the left or right to select the desired setting.
  • Touch the bottom touch field.
  • Swipe to the left or right to select the desired setting.
  • Touch the 8 icon (where applicable) to apply the setting.
  • Touch the MENU touch button.
  • Touch "Save" to save the changes.


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