User Manual Thermador ME302WS 30-Inch Masterpiece Double Wall Oven

Thermador ME302WS 30-Inch Masterpiece Double Wall Oven - Use Manual - Use Guide PDF.
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User Manual
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User and care Guide Masterpiece® Series Built-in oven Thermador ME302WS

Table of Contents

  • Safety Definitions
  • Proper Installation and Maintenance
  • Fire Safety
  • Burn Prevention
  • Child Safety
  • Cleaning Safety
  • Cookware Safety
  • Warming Drawer Safety
  • State of California Proposition 65 Warning
  • Causes of Damage
  • Protecting the Environment
  • Saving Energy
  • Accessories
  • Accessories Included
  • Special Accessories (not included)
  • Getting to Know the Appliance

Cleaning Your Oven

Suitable Cleaning Agents

  • To ensure that the different surfaces are not damaged by using the wrong cleaning agent, follow the information in the following table. Depending on the appliance model, not all of the areas listed may be on/in your appliance.

NOTICE: Surface damage!

Do not use any

  • Harsh or abrasive cleaning agents
  • Cleaning agents with a high alcohol content
  • Hard scouring pads or abrasive cleaning sponges
  • High-pressure cleaners or steam cleaners
  • Special cleaners for cleaning the appliance while it is hot

Cleaning Guide

Broil Pan and Grid

  • Wash with hot soapy water. Rinse thoroughly and dry, or gently rub with cleansing powder or soap-filled pads as directed. DO NOT clean broil pan and grid in the self-cleaning oven.

Flat Rack

  • Wash with hot soapy water. Rinse thoroughly and dry, or gently rub with cleansing pow- der or soap-filled pads as directed. DO NOT clean the rack in the self-cleaning oven. If the flat racks are cleaned in the oven during the self clean mode, they will lose their shiny finish and may not glide smoothly. If this happens, wipe the rack edges with a small amount of vegetable oil. Then wipe off excess.

Cleaning Enamel Surfaces

  • Clean the smooth enamel surfaces with a dish cloth and hot soapy water. Dry with a soft cloth. Soften baked-on food residues with a damp cloth and soapy water. If there are heavy food deposits use a soap- filled pad.

Troubleshooting Chart

Oven door is locked and will not open, even after cooling.

  • Turn the oven off at the circuit breaker and wait five minutes. Turn breaker back on. The oven should reset itself and will be operable.

Oven is not heating.

  • Check circuit breaker or fuse box to your house. Make sure there is proper electrical power to the oven. Be sure oven temperature has been selected.

Oven temperature is too hot or too cold.

  • The oven thermostat needs adjustment. See “Oven Temperature Offset“ under “Adjust Basic Settings“.

Oven light is not working properly.

  • Replace or reinsert the light bulb if loose or burned out.  Touching the bulb with fingers may cause the bulb to burn out.

Oven light does not turn off.

  • Check for obstruction in oven door. Check to see if hinge is bent.


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Thermador ME302WS Questions and Answers

Is it correct that the fan stays on when the oven is switched off?
That's correct. The fan of the cooling system keeps running until the temperature of the oven has dropped sufficiently.

How can I remove burnt fat from my oven?
Burnt-on grease is best removed with an oven cleaner spray. Spray the inside of the oven and leave it on for about 30 minutes. The oven can then be cleaned with warm water.

What's the grill setting on my oven?
When the grill position of the oven is used, the top element of the oven will heat up. The grill mode is used for grilling and to give dishes a nice dark crust.

Do I always have to preheat my Thermador oven?
For the best preparation of a recipe, the oven should always be preheated to the recommended temperature.