User Manual Craftsman 030729 3500-Watt Gasoline Portable Generator

Craftsman 030729 3500-Watt Gasoline Portable Generator - Use Manual - Use Guide PDF.
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User Manual
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OPERATOR'S MANUAL Outdoor Portable Generator for Craftsman 030729

Table of contents

  • Equipment Description
  • Controls
  • Operation
  • Maintenance
  • Storage
  • FCC/IC Compliance Statement
  • Troubleshooting/Specifications
  • Warranty.



Daily or before use, look around and underneath the generator for signs of oil or fuel leaks. Clean any accumulated debris. Keep area around muffler free from any debris.

  • Use a soft bristle brush to loosen caked on dirt or oil.
  • Use a damp cloth to wipe exterior surfaces clean.

NOTICE: Improper treatment of generator could damage it and shorten its life. Do not expose generator to excessive moisture, dust, dirt, or corrosive vapors. Do not insert any objects through cooling slots.

Fuel Valve Maintenance
The fuel valve is equipped with a fuel sediment cup, screen, and o-rlng that need to be cleaned.

  1. Move fuel valve to off (0) position.
  2. Remove sediment cup from fuel valve. Remove o-ring and screen from fuel valve.
  3. Wash sediment cup, o-ring, and screen in a nonflammable solvent. Dry them thoroughly.
  4. Place screen and o-ring into fuel valve. Install sediment cup and tighten securely.
  5. Move fuel valve to on (I) position, and check for leaks. Replace fuel valve if there is any leakage.


If storing the unit for more than 30 days, use the following guidelines to prepare it for storage.

long Term Storage Instructions

  1. Clean the generator as outhned in Cleaning
  2. Change engine oil while engine is still warm, drain oil from crankcase. Refill with recommended grade. 
  3. Treat or drain fuel from generator as fuel can become stale when stored over 30 days.


Engine is running, but no AC output is available.

  1. Reset circuit breaker.
  2. Check and tepair.
  3. Connect another device that is in good condition.

Engine runs well at no-load but "bogs down" when loads are connected.

  • See Generator Capacity.

Engine will not start; starts and runs rough or shuts down when running.

  1. Set switch to on (I) position.
  2. Turn fuel valve to on (I) position.
  3. Fill crankcase to proper level
  4. place generator on level surface.
  5. Clean or replace air filter.
  6. Fill fuel tank.
  7. Connect wire to spark plug.

Engine shuts down and CO Guard LED blinks red

  • Move generator to an open, outdoor area. See CO Guard Carbon Monoxide (CO) Shutdown System.

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Craftsman 030729 Questions and Answers

Does this model have a 30amp RV outlet?
This portable generator (model CMXGGAS030731) has a 120/240 Volt AC, 30 Amp, Locking Receptacle that uses a NEMA L14-30 plug. This receptacle can power 120/240 Volt AC, 60 Hz, single phase loads requiring up to 5,750 Watts of power (5.75 kW) at 24 Amps for 240 Volts or two independent 120 Volt loads at 24 Amps each.

Is there a low oil cut off?
YES. The Craftsman 5,000 Watt Portable Generator has a LOW OIL SHUTDOWN PROTECTION DEVICE that will switch the engine off if the oil is low.

How many amps is the 120/240 volt receptacle outlet; 20 or 30 amps?
To determine the average current available, divide the wattage by the voltage, (5000/240 = 20.8 amps) That is 20 Amps at 240 volts, thus requiring two breakers, one for each 120 volt line. HOWEVER, that is the way they are USUALLY wired. All of which probably means that you can draw 20 Amps from each of the 120 volt outlets OR 20 amps from the 240 volt outlet--but NOT 20 AMPS FROM EACH OUTLET AT THE SAME TIME! If you feel in the dark, welcome to the club; you have a lot of company.

What does it weigh?
This portable generator, model CMXGGAS030729, weighs approximately 120 pounds.

What type of fuel does this unit use?
The fuel for this generator must meet these requirements: Clean, fresh, unleaded gasoline A minimum of 87 octane/87 AKI (91 RON). Gasoline with no more than 10% ethanol is acceptable. Do not use unapproved gasolines, such as E85. Do not mix oil in gasoline or modify the engine to run on alternate fuels. This will damage the engine components and void the warranty,