User Manual Craftsman CMXGMAM201102 M100 140-cc 21-in Gas Push Lawn Mower

Craftsman CMXGMAM201102 M100 140-cc 21-in Gas Push Lawn Mower - Use Manual - Use Guide PDF.
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User Manual
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Operator's Manual Push Mower for Craftsman CMXGMAM201102




How to Stop Your Pressure Washer 

  • Release spray gun trigger and let engine idle for two minutes.
  • Push engine rocker switch to OFF (0) position.
  • ALWAYS point gun in a safe direction and press red button and squeeze spray gun trigger to release retained high water pressure.

How to Use Accessory Tray - The unit is equipped with an accessory tray with places to store your spray gun, nozzle extension, high pressure hose and quick connect spray tips. 1.

  • Place nozzle extension in slots on left side of accessory tray (viewing from rear of unit) and snap in.
  • Place spray gun through grooves on right side of accessory tray.
  • Insert multi-colored spray tips in holes provided on front of accessory tray. 
  • Wrap high pressure hose and hang on hook of accessory tray. 

How to Use Spray Tips

  • The quick-connect on the nozzle extension allows you to switch between four different quick connect spray tips. Spray tips can be changed while pressure washer is running once spray gun trigger lock is engaged. The spray tips vary the spray pattern as shown.

Usage Tips 

  • For most effective cleaning, keep spray tip from 8 to 24 in. away from cleaning surface. 
  • If you get spray tip too close, especially using a high pressure spray tip, you may damage surface being cleaned. DO NOT get closer than 6 in. when cleaning tires.

Applying Detergent - To apply detergent, follow these steps: 

  • Review use of spray tips. 
  • Prepare detergent solution as required by job. 
  • Pour detergent into cleaning tank.
  • Make sure black detergent spray tip is installed.
  • Make sure garden hose Is connected to waterr Inlet. Check that high pressure hose is connected to spray gun and pump. Turn on water.
  • Start engine following instructions How to Start Your Pressure Washer.
  • Apply detergent to a dry surface, starting at lower portion of area to

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Specs Sheet

  • CUTTING HEIGHTS: 1.25 - 3.75

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What type of oil angel gas should I put in my brand new lawn mower Craftsman M100 140cc Briggs and Stratton engine please?
Please use a 10w-30 oil weight engine oil. For the fuel, please use a clean, unleaded automotive gasoline with at least an 87 octane.

Does it have a coke to prime it? Or is it just pull n start?
The M100 mower has a primer button.

Is this mower fully assembled and does it come with the 4 cycle oil?
Assembly required. You need to position handlebars, cables and starter cord, then assemble and attach grass bag or discharge chute. It will come with oil.

Is the handle adjustable? Up/down so I can fit in car
The handle is adjustable but only a few inches.

How much off the oil do you put in when you open the box?
The engine oil capacity is 15 ounces.

Looks like the front and rear of the deck where the wheels mount is made of plastic. Is this plastic or metal?
The front and rear axles are made of metal.