User Manual Craftsman CMXGRAM1130049 E150 30-in Lithium Ion Electric Riding Lawn Mower Mulching Capable

Craftsman CMXGRAM1130049 E150 30-in Lithium Ion Electric Riding Lawn Mower Mulching Capable - Use Manual - Use Guide PDF.
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Instructions Manual Battery Powered Lithium-Ion Tractor for Craftsman CMXGRAM1130049 

Table Of Contents

  • Safe Operation Practices
  • Assembly
  • Operation
  • Service & Maintenance
  • Off-Season Storage
  • Troubleshooting
  • Español
  • Warranty Statement


Engaging the Parking Brake

  • Fully depress the brake pedal and hold it down with your foot. 
  • Move the parking brake lever back into the parking brake position.
  • Release the brake pedal to allow the parking brake to engage.

Releasing the Parking Brake 

  • Depress the brake pedal and move the parking brake lever forward out of the parking brake position.

Setting the Cutting Height

  • Select the height position of the cutting deck by placing the deck lift lever in any of the five (5) different cutting height notches on the right side of the fender.
  • Refer to Leveling the Deck in the Service & Maintenance section of this manual for more detailed instructions regarding deck adjustment.

Using the Deck Lift Lever

  • To raise the cutting deck, move the deck lift lever to the left, then place it in the notch best suited for your application. Refer to Setting the Cutting Height in this section.


The following information will be helpful when using the cutting deck with your tractor: 

  • Do not mow or drive at high ground speed, especially if a mulch kit or grass collector is installed.
  • For best results it is recommended that the first two laps be cut clockwise with the discharge facing towards the center of your lawn. After the first two laps, reverse the direction to discharge to the outside for the balance of cutting. This will give a better appearance to the lawn. 
  • Do not cut the grass too short. Short grass invites weed growth and yellows quickly in dry weather.
  • Under heavier conditions it may be necessary to go back over the cut area a second time to get a clean cut. 
  • Do NOT attempt to mow heavy brush and weeds and extremely tall grass. Your tractor is designed to mow lawns, NOT clear brush. 
  • Keep the blade sharp and replace the blade when worn. Refer to Cutting Blade in the Service section of this manual for proper blade sharpening instructions.


Post-Operation Tractor Care

  • After each operation of the tractor, the following procedures should be implemented to extend the life of your tractor and ensure safe operating conditions.

Cleaning the Underside of the Deck

  • The underside of tractor deck should be cleaned after each use as grass clippings, leaves, dirt and other debris will accumulate. This accumulation of grass clippings, etc., is undesirable as it will promote rust and corrosion.

Cleaning the Tractor

Your tractor should be cleaned after each use and under certain conditions, i.e. dry conditions and/or mulching situations, additional cleaning may be necessary.

One of the best ways to keep your tractor running efficiently and to reduce fire risk is to regularly remove debris buildup from the tractor. Follow the recommendations below and contact your authorized dealer with any questions.

  • Allow the machine to cool in an open area before cleaning. 
  • Do not use water on any part of the tractor. Doing so can cause damage to the tractor’s electrical components and motor. The use of compressed air and/or leaf blower or a brush, damp sponge or rag will help keep the tractor clean. 
  • Clean around fuses, all wiring and harnesses, etc.
  • Clean the top of the tractor deck.
  • Clean around and near the transmission, axle and the fan area.
  • Debris can accumulate anywhere on the tractor, especially on horizontal surfaces. Additional cleaning may be necessary when mowing in dry conditions or when mulching. 
  • Excess lubrication can become collection sites for debris. Immediate repair and cleaning up excess lubrication can help reduce fire hazards. 
  • In addition to cleaning the tractor before operating and storing, do not attempt to mow unusually tall grass (10” or higher), dry grass (e.g., pasture) or piles of dry leaves. Dry grass or leaves may build up on the tractor deck presenting a potential fire hazard.

Storing the Tractor 

  • Allow the machine to cool in an open area before storing. 
  • Do not park the tractor near any flammable materials (wood, cloth or chemicals) or any open flames or other potential source of ignition (furnace, water heater or any other type of heater). 
  • Remove all combustible materials from the tractor before storing. Empty cargo boxes, grass catchers or containers. 
  • Fully charge the batteries and recharge the batteries every 30 days when in storage.

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Specs Sheet

  • CUTTING HEIGHTS : 1.5 - 3.5

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Craftsman CMXGRAM1130049 Questions and Answers

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  • Questions unAnswered : 2

Does this mower have a tow hitch? If so, what are the weight limits?
No, this unit does not have a tow hitch.

Does the key have to be on to charge the battery?
The key should be removed whenever the mower is not in use. It should not be in the mower when charging.

Do you have to clean the blades often?
Recommendation would be twice a season season. You should clean the underside of the deck on occasion. It does not need to be cleaned any more than if this were a standard riding mower.

Does this Craftsman E150 need to be plugged in when not in use or just when charging it?
The mower is to be plugged in while charging.

Could this mower be stored under a carport instead of garage or shed?
It can be stored under a carport but we suggest covering it.

How do you make it mulching capable and cost?
To install the mulch plug:
1. Remove the wing knobs installed on the mowing deck and retain for later installation.
2. Install the mulch plug into the deck discharge opening on the deck. The rear of the mulch plug should be under the tab on the rear deck bracket. The studs on the deck surface will fit through the holes on the upper portion of the mulch plug. The small tab on the deck lip area will fit through the square cutout on the lower portion of the mulch plug. Important: Make certain that the upper-rear portion of mulch plug is depressing the safety switch located on the deck surface and under the tab on the rear deck bracket. The blade will not start without the mulch plug properly in place.
3. Secure the mulch plug by tightening the wing knobs removed in step 1.

Can this be use on steep hill?
Recommended for Terrain Type = Flat with obstacles

How well does this mower go up mild slopes in a yard?
All of our residential wheeled power equipment is designed and approved to safely operate on slopes up to a maximum of 15 degrees of incline. A mower will safely handle slopes when starting at the bottom of the slope and mowing side-to side, rather than up and down. When turning to go back the other way, we recommend turning uphill by keeping the uphill lever generally fixed while using the downhill lever to execute the turn.