User Manual Craftsman CMXGRAM1130047 54-in Riding Lawn Mower

Craftsman CMXGRAM1130047 54-in Riding Lawn Mower - Use Manual - Use Guide PDF.
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User Manual
  • User Manual - (English, Spanish)
  • Warranty Guide - (English)
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Table of contents

  • Safe Operation Practices
  • Assembly
  • Operation
  • Service and Maintenance
  • Off-Season Storage
  • Troubleshooting
  • Español
  • Warranty Statement


Adding Fuel

  • Be sure engine is outdoors and in a well-ventilated area. 
  • Clean area around the fuel fill cap and remove the fuel fill cap. 
  • Using an approved red GASOLINE container, add fuel slowly, being careful to avoid spilling. 
  • Fill the tank until the fuel reaches the bottom of the fuel tank neck. 
  • Replace the fuel cap and tighten securely. Wipe up spilled fuel before starting engine. If fuel is spilled DO NOT start engine. Move riding mower away from area of spillage. Avoid creating any source of ignition until fuel vapors are gone.

Checking and Adding Oil

  • Your riding mower is shipped with oil in the engine. However, you MUST check the oil level before operating. Check and add the oil as instructed in your Engine Operator’s Manual.


Post-Operation Tractor Care

  • After each operation of the tractor, the following procedures should be implemented to extend the life of your tractor and ensure safe operating conditions.

Cleaning the Underside of the Deck

Deck Wash System

Your tractor’s deck is equipped with a water port on its surface as part of its deck wash system. Use the Smart Jet to rinse grass clippings from the deck’s underside and prevent the buildup of corrosive chemicals. Complete the following steps AFTER EACH MOWING: 

  • Drive the tractor to a level, clear spot on your lawn, near enough for your garden hose to reach.
  • Disengage the PTO, set the parking brake and stop the engine. 
  • Thread the hose coupler (packaged with your tractor’s Operator’s Manual) onto the end of your garden hose. 
  • Attach the hose coupler to the water port on your decks surface.
  • Turn the water on. 
  • While sitting in the operator’s position on the tractor, start the engine and place the throttle lever in the FAST position. 
  • Move the tractor’s PTO into the engaged (ON) position. 
  • Remain in the operator’s position with the deck engaged for a minimum of two minutes, allowing the underside of the deck to thoroughly rinse. 
  • Move the tractor’s PTO into the disengaged (OFF) position. 
  • Turn the ignition key to the STOP position to turn the tractor’s engine off. 
  • Turn the water off and detach the hose coupler from the water port on your deck’s surface. 
  • After cleaning your deck with the Smart Jet system, return to the operator’s position and engage the PTO. Keep the deck running for a minimum of two minutes, allowing the underside of the deck to thoroughly dry.

Cleaning the Tractor

Your tractor should be cleaned after each use and under certain conditions, i.e. dry conditions and/or mulching situations, additional cleaning may be necessary. One of the best ways to keep your tractor running efficiently and to reduce fire risk is to regularly remove debris buildup from the tractor. Follow the recommendations below and contact your authorized dealer with any questions.

  • Allow the machine to cool in an open area before cleaning. 
  • Do not use water on any part of the tractor except the underside of the cutting deck. Doing so can cause damage to the tractor’s spindle bearings, electrical system and engine, leading to premature failures. The use of compressed air and/or leaf blower will help keep the tractor clean. 
  • Clean under the hood. Exhaust manifold, around fuses, all wiring and harnesses, muffler pipe, muffler shield, engine intake screens and cooling fins, etc. 
  • Clean the top of the mower deck, under the spindle covers and belt area.
  • Clean around and near the transmission, axle and the fan area.

Storing the Tractor 

  • Allow the machine to cool in an open area before storing. 
  • Do not park the tractor near any flammable materials (wood, cloth or chemicals) or any open flames or other potential source of ignition (furnace, water heater or any other type of heater). 
  • Remove all combustible materials from the tractor before storing. Empty cargo boxes, grass catchers or containers. 
  • Always shut off fuel flow when storing or transporting if tractor is equipped with a fuel shutoff. 
  • Check the fuel system (lines, tank, cap and fittings) frequently for cracks or leaks. Repair and clean as necessary

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Specs Sheet

  • CUTTING HEIGHTS: 1.5 - 3.75

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Craftsman CMXGRAM1130047 Questions and Answers

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What is the towing capacity? We need to be able to tow up to 750 pounds.
As a general rule of thumb, using a single-axle trailer and a properly maintained and adjusted tractor, you should be able to pull approximately half the weight of the tractor plus half the operator weight fairly safely and with control over level ground and over slopes less than 5 degrees. This mower weighs 660 pounds.

How do you start the mower?
There is an throttle/engine speed/choke lever on the dashboard that you move up and down. When starting the engine, push the control lever fully forward into the CHOKE position. To start the engine, turn the key and hold for a couple seconds. After starting and warming the engine, move the control lever rearward until you feel it move past the choke detent. Throttle is not meant to control unit speed, throttle should remain in high speed while operating blades.

Are mower spindles greasable?
All of the ball bearings used in rider deck spindle assemblies manufactured after 1990 are sealed bearing assemblies and are considered maintenance free bearings.
If your deck spindles do not have grease fittings on top or bottom, they will not require greasing.

Have the apparent starting issue and low battery issue been remedied in the 2020 model production for this model?
We spend countless hours testing our riding lawn mower's to ensure we deliver you a reliable product.

How much oil does it take,and what weight is the oil?
The T310 takes a 10w-30 oil weight. The engine oil capacity is 50 ounces.