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User Guide Craftsman CMEBL7000 Blower 

Blower Tube Assembly 

  1. Rotate the fan cover 9 counterclockwise. Close and latch fan cover 9 as shown in the inset of Figure C.
  • Rotate the center of the fan cover clockwise to close the interlock switch.


  • Unit will not operate in blow mode without fan cover closed and the center of the fan cover must be rotated clockwise to close the interlock switch.


  • Align the upper and lower tubes as shown in Fig. C.
  •  Push the lower blower tube 4 firmly into the upper blower tube 3 , until the tubes click into place.

NOTE: Blow tubes must be assembled to the power head before use.

NOTE: Never operate without both lower and upper tubes assembled.

  1. In the interest of safety, it is not intended for the blower tubes to be separated once assembled.
  2. Push the blower tube assembly onto the power head 2 until it is in the fully locked position (Fig. D).
  3.  Use the air concentrator attachment 5 to target air flow to a tighter area. Add the attachment to the assembly as shown in Fig. E. Push on until hole in tab engages raised post on tube.

Adjusting Harness

  •  Place the shoulder straps 14 over your shoulders.
  •  Pull the adjustment straps 15 down until the backplate is firm against your back as shown in Fig. J.


Ensure the blower is switched off and disconnected from the power supply before attaching or removing the blower tubes. The blower tube must be assembled to the housing before use.

  • Hold the blower with both hands as shown in Fig. L and sweep from side to side with the nozzle several inches above the surface. Slowly advance keeping the accumulated pile of debris in front of you
  • Your blower vac is fitted with a ON/OFF switch 1 located on the top of the handle.
  • To turn tool ON, slide the ON/OFF switch forward to the ON position “1”.
  •  To turn tool OFF, slide the ON/OFF switch backward to the OFF position “0”.


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