Smeg FAB50URCRB3 Refrigerator Cream

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INSTALLATION - 2191477A034/A
12.Attach the water pipe from the top of the
filter to the water supply mains connection
Water supply mains connection
To use the appliance by connecting it to the
cold water outlet, you will need to install a
” valve connector on the cold
water outlet at your home.
If the connector is not available or if you do not
know how to proceed, contact qualified
1. Attach the connector to the tap adapter,
and tighten by hand or using a tool.
Location selection
The appliance should be located in a dry place
with sufficient air exchange. Depending on the
climate class to which it belongs (indicated on
the rating plate applied inside the refrigerator
compartment), the appliance can be used in
different temperature conditions.
Place the appliance at a distance of 1
”- 3 cm from electric or gas cookers and
at least 11
”- 30 cm from combustion
heating systems or heaters.
The appliance should not be placed near
heat sources. If this is not possible, a suitable
insulation panel should be used.
If installed under a wall unit, maintain a
clearance of at least 1
”- 5 cm from it.
Be sure to place the appliance where there
is sufficient room to open the door and
remove any internal shelves and drawers.
Position the appliance on a firm, level surface.
The appliance has two small wheels on the
back to allow it to be moved and positioned
more easily.
In any case, we recommend moving the
appliance very carefully in order to avoid
damaging the floor (especially in the case of
wooden floors).
If the floor is not perfectly level, use the two
adjustable feet on the front part of the
Level the appliance horizontally adjusting its
To prevent damage, displacement, or
accidental disconnection, secure the
water pipe properly (such as to the
See: General safety warnings.
Class Room temperature
SN (Sub-normal)
from 50°F to 90°F
from 10°C to 32°C
N (Normal)
from 61°F to 90°F
from 16°C to 32°C
ST (Subtropical)
from 65°F to 100°F
from 18°C to 38°C
T (Tropical)
from 65°F to 109°F
from 18°C to 43°C
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