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14 - USE 91477A034/A
Temperature format
1. Using the button for the
freezer cell,
set the temperature to 0°F/
2. Using the
button for the
refrigerator compartment,
set the
temperature to 39°F/4°C.
3. Wait for the flashing to end.
4. Press and hold the
button for
refrigerator compartment for about
10 seconds to perform the temperature
format change.
Super cold function
1. To activate/deactivate the super cold
function, press and hold down the freezer
cell temperature setting button for 3
seconds. The indicator will turn on/off.
2. After 24 hours, the super cold function is
automatically deactivated.
Alarm for door open
When the refrigerator compartment door
remains open for a long time, the appliance
sounds to warn the user that door should be
Using the accessories
These can be positioned at different heights on
the guides according to requirements. Each
shelf has a safety fitting to prevent it from being
accidentally removed.
To extract them fully, lift up the rear part (1) and
remove them (2).
Door balconies and shelves
Suitable for storing eggs, butter, dairy products,
conserves and other small food packages/
containers. The lower part of the door has a
shelf for bottles. Avoid placing excessively
heavy bottles on the shelf and do not let them
drop onto the bottom when inserting them.
Fruit and vegetable drawer
Located at the bottom of the refrigerator
compartment, which is fitted with a glass shelf to
cover fresh foods that require constant humidity
The procedure explained below allows
you to set the scale of
temperature in degrees Fahrenheit (°F)
or in degrees Celsius (°C).
The super cold function is useful for
quick freezing large quantities of food.
For best performance, it is
recommended to activate the super
cold mode 3 hours before storing food
inside the freezer cell.
Perishable foods should be placed on
the rear part of the shelves where the
temperature is lower.
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