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Always disconnect the appliance
from the power supply when
troubleshooting, servicing,
replacing bulbs, or cleaning.
Have a qualified electrician
check the wall outlet and circuit to
make sure the outlet is properly
Qualified personnel should carry
out the installation and servicing in
compliance with existing
regulations. Service personnel
should disconnect power before
working on this appliance.
A qualified technician must
complete the electrical
Before any operation on the
appliance (installation,
maintenance, positioning or
movement) always wear PPE.
Do not attempt to repair or
replace any part of this appliance
unless specifically recommended
in this manual. Any other
maintenance must be performed
by a qualified technician.
Do not damage or drill the
coolant pipes.
Do not damage the coolant
Do not use sharp instruments,
alcohol, flammable liquids, or
abrasive cleaners to remove tape
glue. Clean only with warm
WARNING: Keep ventilation
openings in the appliance
enclosure or built-in structure free
from obstructions.
WARNING: Do not use
mechanical, electrical, or
chemical products other than
those recommended by the
manufacturer to speed up the
defrosting process.
Do not dispose of packaging
material. Separate the various
scraps by type and consign them
to the nearest separate waste
collection center.
Before turning on the appliance
for the first time, leave it in the
upright position for at least 2
Leave enough space around the
appliance and install it on a flat
Do not use the open door as a
lever to move the appliance into
Do not apply excessive pressure
to the door when it is open.
When installing the appliance be
careful not to scratch or damage
the floor.
Do not move back and forth or
drag the appliance when trying to
move it, as you may damage the
Never cover or block any
ventilation openings on the
This equipment can be used up
to a maximum height of 2000
meters/6562 feet above sea
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