Smeg FAB50URCRB3 Refrigerator Cream

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12 - DESCRIPTION 91477A034/A
2 Refrigerator compartment temperature
setting button
3 Freezer cell temperature display
4 Refrigerator compartment temperature
5 "Eco" function indicator on/off
6 Freezer cell super cold function indicator
7 Alarm warning indicator
For optimising fridge space and placing
foodstuffs inside the refrigerator compartment.
Fruit and vegetable drawer
For storing fruit and vegetables, maintaining a
constant humidity level.
Super cool drawer
Useful for preserving the freshness and flavor of
delicate foods such as meat, fish and lightly
frozen foods for longer, as the temperature is
consistently maintained between 28°F/
-2°C and 37°F/3°C.
Door balconies and shelves
For storing foodstuffs in small containers. The
shelf in the lower part of the door is useful for
storing bottles.
Ice maker
Useful for the automatic production of ice cubes,
ready to put on the table thanks to the
removable collection tray.
Not all accessories are available on
some models.
The accessories intended to come into
contact with food are made of materials
that comply with the provisions of
current legislation.
Original supplied and optional
accessories can be requested to
Authorised Assistance Centres. Use only
original accessories supplied by the
Do not store food items to be frozen or
trays to make ice in the chill drawer.
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