Smeg FAB50URCRB3 Refrigerator Cream

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INSTALLATION - 1991477A034/A
shunts as these could cause overheating
and a risk of burns.
The plug must always be accessible when
the appliance is installed.
Leave the appliance standing vertically for
at least two hours before turning it on for the
first time.
If it is necessary to replace the power cable,
this must be performed by an authorised
technician from Technical Support Service.
Hydraulic connection
Connecting the water pipe to the appliance
To connect the water pipe to the appliance:
4. Remove the rubber cap from the connector.
5. Unscrew the connector from the nozzle
adapter located on the solenoid valve at the
rear of the appliance.
6. Pass the tube through the connector.
7. Press the water pipe firmly onto the nozzle
8. Screw the connector by hand to secure it to
the pipe nozzle adapter. You can also
tighten the connector using pliers or a
9. Connect the other end of the pipe to the
external filter.
External filter connection
1. Measure the usable length of the pipe
based on where you intend to place the
2. Cut the pipe to the specified size.
3. On the external filter, on the side indicated
by the arrow and by the word "FLOW",
remove the plastic retainer.
See: General safety warnings.
It is recommended that you take
installation measurements and proceed
to split the supplied pipe into two pieces
as needed.
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