Smeg FAB50URCRB3 Refrigerator Cream

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USE - 1391477A034/A
External filter components (for installer)
To be used to connect the appliance to the
water supply.
Preliminary operations
Remove any protective film from the outside
or inside of the appliance, including
Remove any labels (apart from the technical
data plate) from the accessories and
Remove and wash all the appliance
accessories (see chapter "CLEANING
First use
Make sure the appliance is plugged into an
electrical outlet.
Temperature setting
1. To set the temperature of the refrigerator
compartment or freezer cell, press the
relevant button .
2. The corresponding display shows the
current temperature flashing.
3. Press the button again to select
the desired temperature.
Temperature table
See General safety instructions.
After installing or relocating the
appliance, wait at least two hours
before operating it.
After a power failure, the appliance will
automatically switch to the previously
selected settings.
The appliance is set with the
recommended temperatures of 39°F/
4°C for the refrigerator and 0°F/
-18°C for the freezer.
The refrigerator temperature can be set
from 36°F/2°C to 46°F/8°C.
The freezer temperature can be set from
3°F/-16°C to -11°F/-24°C.
Economy mode is automatically
activated when the freezer cell
temperature is set to 0°F/-18°C.
cell °F °C
36 02
39 04
41 05
43 06
46 08
03 -16
00 -18
-04 -20
-08 -22
-11 -24
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