Smeg FAB50URCRB3 Refrigerator Cream

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This user manual
This user manual is an integral part of the
appliance and must therefore be kept in its
entirety and within the user's reach for the
whole working life of the appliance.
Read this user manual carefully before using
the appliance.
Manufacturer’s liability
The manufacturer declines all liability for
damage to persons or property caused by:
use of the appliance other than that
failure to comply with the instructions in the
user manual;
tampering with any part of the appliance;
use of non-original spare parts.
Identification plate
The identification plate bears the technical data,
serial number and brand name of the
appliance. Do not remove the identification
plate for any reason.
Energy label
To be informed about the performance of your
device via the EU EPREL database
visit the following web address and enter the
model name (available on the identification
On the energy label there is a QR code for a
quick access to the web address. Use a device
equipped with an appropriate reading
The energy label must be kept together with all
documents supplied with the appliance.
To save energy
Correct use of the appliance, correct
packaging of foodstuffs, a constant
temperature and food hygiene have effects
on the quality of storage.
Reduce the number of times that the doors
are opened and the length of time they
remain open to prevent the compartments
from heating up excessively.
Clean the condenser (if it can be accessed)
at the rear of the appliance periodically to
prevent the appliance from losing efficiency.
Defrost frozen food in the refrigerator
compartment in order to make use of the
cold stored in the frozen foods.
Placing the shelves at different heights does
not affect the stated energy consumption.
Light sources
This appliance contains light sources which
cannot be replaced by the user and must
only be replaced by the technical assistance
This appliance contains light sources of
efficiency class "E".
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