Smeg FAB50URCRB3 Refrigerator Cream

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16 - USE 91477A034/A
Storage life table
Using the freezer compartment
To keep and freeze foods properly:
pack fruit and vegetables in portions of no
more than 1 kg; meat and fish in portions of
up to 2 kg.
small packages freeze quickly which means
that the foods' nutritional properties are
preserved better, including after defrosting/
package foods in hermetically sealed
packages, expelling air as much as
Do not use paper bags or shopping bags,
use the suitable freezer bags/containers.
Frozen foods storage life table
Defrosted foods
Food must be consumed as soon as possible
once defrosted. Freezing foods preserves them,
but it does not destroy any micro-organisms,
which are activated after thawing, damaging
the foods.
Partial defrosting lowers the nutritional value of
the foodstuffs, particularly of fruit, vegetables
and ready meals.
Noises during operation
The refrigerator and freezer compartments are
cooled by means of a compression system. In
order to maintain the preset temperature inside
the refrigerator and freezer compartments, the
compressor comes into operation in response to
the level of cooling required, and may operate
continuously if necessary. When the compressor
starts up a humming sound will be heard,
tending to drop in volume after a few minutes.
Another normal operating noise of the
appliance is a gurgling due to the coolant
flowing through the pipes in the circuit. This noise
is normal and does not indicate an appliance
malfunction. If it becomes too loud, this may
mean that there are other causes. Checks must
then be made to ensure that:
The refrigerator is properly levelled on the
floor and does not vibrate when the
compressor is in operation: if this is not the
case, adjust the appliance's feet until it is
The drawers, shelves and trays on the door
are correctly positioned in their holders: if
they are not, put them in correctly;
Bottles and containers on the various shelves
are stable and not touching each other:
otherwise, the vibration resulting from
compressor operation could generate
Do not place the fridge in such a way that it
is in contact with furniture or other household
Heated front surface
There is a front surface heating system inside the
cabinet to limit the formation of condensation
around the door seal.
Turning the appliance off
Whenever the appliance is to remain unused for
long periods, it should be switched off.
1. Unplug the appliance from the wall socket.
2. Empty the compartments.
3. Once the freezer has fully defrosted, dry
any residual accumulated moisture with a
tea towel.
Foodstuff Time
Eggs, smoked meats, mari-
nated foods, cheese
max 10 days
Root vegetables max 8 days
Butter max 7 days
Pastries, fruit, ready meals,
fresh meat
max 2 days
Fish, minced meat, seafood max 1 day
Always allow hot foods and drinks to
cool to room temperature before putting
them in the appliance.
Foodstuff Time
Fruit, beef max 10-12 months
vegetables, veal, poultry max 8-10 months
Game max 6-8 months
Pork max 4-6 months
Mince max 4 months
Bread, desserts, cooked foods,
oily fish
max 3 months
Offal max 2 months
Sausages, lean fish max 1 month
Leave the door ajar to ensure that
moisture and stagnant air do not cause
unpleasant odours.
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