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USE - 1591477A034/A
for optimum storage.
Humidity regulator
Can be used to adjust the humidity level in the
fruit and vegetable drawer. Slide the regulator
horizontally to open or close the passage of air
through the slots.
Ice maker
The appliance is equipped with an automatic
ice maker. The ice-making process begins
whenever the collection tray below is empty.
When the ice cubes have formed, they are
deposited in the collection tray.
To remove the ice cubes, slide the collection
tray out of its housing.
The forced recirculation air in the appliance is
free of humidity and quickly dries the food
The inner ventilation system cools food more
rapidly and keeps refrigeration homogeneous
inside the appliance.
Using the refrigerator compartment
Arranging food
Arrange food on the various shelves, making
sure that they are wrapped and covered
hermetically. This precaution ensures that:
the flavour, moisture and freshness of the
foods is preserved;
any contamination of foods with odours or
tastes from other foods can be avoided;
the humidity level inside the refrigerator is
prevented from becoming too high as a
result of the normal transpiration of food
(especially fresh fruit and vegetables). In
some operating conditions (rise in ambient
temperature and humidity, more frequent
opening of the door) this might cause
condensation to form on the shelves.
Storing vegetables with high content of
water can generate condensation on
the glass shelf. This is a natural
phenomenon which does not affect the
appliance’s operation in any way.
Risk of damage to the appliance
Do not fill the ice tray with water.
Before introducing food into the
appliance, seal it thoroughly.
Always allow hot foods and drinks to
cool to room temperature before putting
them in the appliance.
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