Samsung UN50HU6950FXZA-WS02 50" Class (49-1/2" Diag.) - LED - 2160p - Smart - 4K Ultra HD TV

User Manual - Page 4

For UN50HU6950FXZA-WS02. Series: Serie 6
Also, The document are for others Samsung models: UN50HU6950FXZA*, UN50HU6900FXZA*

PDF File Manual, 38 pages, Read Online | Download pdf file

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. Make sure to plug the power cord in until it isfirmly seated_When unpBugging the power cord from awal!
outBet,always pull on the power cord"s pBug_Never unpBugby pulling on the power cord_Do not touch the
power cord with wet hands_
. ff this apparatus does not operate normally ° in particuBar,if there are any unusual sounds or smells coming
from it ° unpBugit immediateBy and contact an authorized deaBeror service center_
. Be sureto pull the power plug out of the outlet if the TV isto remain unused or if you are to Beavethe
house for an extended period of time (especially when children, eMedy or disabBedpeopBewill be left
alone in the house)_
Accumulated dust can cause an electric shock, an electric leakage or afire by causing the power cord
to generate sparks and heat or the insulation to deteriorate_
. Be sure to contact an authorized service center for information if you intend to install your TV in alocation
with heavydust, high or low temperatures, high humidity, chemical substances, or where it wil! operate
24 hours aday such asin an airport, atrain station, et< Failing to do so may lead to serious damage to
your TV_
. Use only a properly grounded plug and wall outleL
An improper ground may causeelectric shock or equipment damage_ (ClassI Equipment only_)
. lo turn this apparatus off completely, you must disconnect it from the wall outleL Consequently, the wall
outlet and power plug must be readily accessibleat all times_
. Do not allow children to hang onto the producL
. Store the accessories (battery, et<) in a location safely out of the reach of children_
. Do not install the product in an unstable location such asa shaky self, a slanted floor, or a location
exposed to vibration_
. Do not drop or strike the producL If the product isdamaged, disconnect the power cord and contact a
service center_
. lo clean this apparatus, unplug the power cord from the wal! outlet and wipe the product using a soft,
dry doth_ Do not use any chemicals such as wax, benzene, alcohol, thinners, insecticide, air fresheners,
lubricants, or detergenL lhese chemicals can damage the appearance of the -IV or erase the printing on
the producL
. Do not expose this apparatus to dripping or spbshing_
. Do not dispose of batteries in afire_
. Do not short-circuit, disassemble, or overheat the batteries_
. lhere isdanger of an explosion if you replace the batteries used in the remote with the wrong type of
battery_ Replace only with the same or equivalent type_
" This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and
reproductive toxicity.
. Use care when touching the TV after it has been on for some time. Some parts can be
warm to the touch.
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