Samsung UN50HU6950FXZA-WS02 50" Class (49-1/2" Diag.) - LED - 2160p - Smart - 4K Ultra HD TV

User Manual - Page 18

For UN50HU6950FXZA-WS02. Series: Serie 6
Also, The document are for others Samsung models: UN50HU6950FXZA*, UN50HU6900FXZA*

PDF File Manual, 38 pages, Read Online | Download pdf file

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SAMSUNG APPS Panel Functions
Move the focus to an app, and then pressand hoBdthe touch pad. An Options drop down Bistappears with the
following functions.
Move: Rebcates an app on the screen.
Delete: Removes aselected app from your TV.
Multi Delete: RemovesmuBtipBeapps from the TV.
View DetaiB: Displays detailed information about a selected app.
Change View: Changes how the apps are sorted on the screen, byCustom view or Most Pbyed.
LockiUnbck: Locks or unlocks apps. Locked apps cannot be accessed.
Update Apps: Displays a list of apps that have updates available. You can select which apps to update.
The SAMSUNG APPSPanelfunctions are conte×t°sensitive. The functions that appear may differ depending on
the app you selecL
Downloading and installing an App
On the SAMSUNG APPSpanel, select Most Popular, What"s new, or Categories.
2o Move the focus to an app, and then pressand hold the touch pad. When the Options drop down list
appears, select Downbad from the lisL If the app isfree, the app you selected is installed on the TV.If the
app is not free, follow the directions on the screen to payfor and download the app.
On TV Panel
On TV dispbys your current program live in asmall window, a list of recommended programs currently on
other channels, and a list of recommended programs that will air laten Use these liststo change the channel,
view more information about recommended programs running later, including how much time isleft until they
ain YOUcan alsoset up a Schedule '_@wingof aprogram that hasn't aired yeL
lb view aprogram recommended by On TV, select the image.
lhe On TV panel hasthe following main subpanels:
, Guide: Displaysthe program schedule of each digital channel You can check the program schedule and
set up a Schedule Viewing.
, Time_ineView: Displays program recommendations for different times of the day.
, Trending: Displayswhat isthe most trendy or popular content on Twitter, You can set up aSchedule
Viewing to view.
On TV Panel Functions
Move the focus to a program, and then pressand hold the touch pad. An Options drop down list appears with
the following functions.
. View detaiB: Displays detailed information about the selected program.
. Schedule: Sets up a Schedule for the selected program.
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