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Your accessories
In this section, you will find information on
Your accessories
the correct way to insert the accessories into the cooking
the shelf positions
the optional accessories
The following accessories are included with your appliance:
Note: The baking tray and universal pan may become distorted
when the appliance is in operation. This is caused by the
considerable temperature differences acting on the
accessories. These differences may occur if only a part of the
accessory is covered with food, or if frozen items such as pizza
are placed on the accessory.
Inserting accessories
The accessories are equipped with a locking function. The
locking function prevents the accessories from tilting when they
are pulled out. The accessories must be inserted into the
cooking compartment correctly for the tilt protection to work
When inserting the wire rack, check
that the lug (a) is pointing downwards
that the lug (a) is in the rear part of the wire rack
When inserting the baking tray or the universal pan, check
that the lug (a) is in the rear part of the of the accessory
that the sloping edge of the accessory faces towards the
appliance door when it is inserted
Shelf positions
The shelf positions in the cooking compartment are counted
from the bottom up.
Note: When baking and roasting with CircoTherm®
3, do not
use shelf position 2. This will adversely affect air circulation and
your baking and roasting results will not be as good.
Bottom oven
The cooking compartment in the bottom oven has four shelf
Top oven
The cooking compartment of the top oven has two shelf
Wire rack
for baking in baking tins, roasting in
roasting dishes and grilling
Universal pan, enamelled
for baking moist cakes, roasting,
grilling and collecting drops of
liquid during cooking
Insert grid
for roasting and grilling
Note: The wire insert is always used
together with the universal pan. In
this combination, the wire insert is
placed in the universal pan.
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