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Electronic clock
In this section, you can read about
how to set the timer
how to switch your appliance off automatically (cooking time
and end of operation)
how to switch your appliance on and off automatically (preset
how to set the time
find out how to activate rapid heat up
Clock display
Between the times ƒƒ:‹‹ and :†Š the clock display is
dimmed if you do not make any settings in that period or no
clock function is activated.
When you set a clock function, the time interval increases
when you set higher values (e.g. cooking time up to
:‹‹œ to
the minute, using
to the nearest 5 minutes).
For the Q minute minder, x cooking time, y end of
operation and preselection mode clock functions, a signal
sounds when the settings have elapsed and the
Q or y
symbol flashes. To cancel the audible signal before it ends,
press the
KJ clock function button.
Briefly press the KJ clock function button to select a clock
function. You then have 3 seconds to set the selected clock
function. After this time, the setting mode is exited
1. Press the KJclock function button repeatedly until the KJ
Q symbols light up.
2. Set the duration using the rotary selector (e.g. :‹‹ minutes).
The setting is applied automatically. Then the clock is
displayed again and the minute minder starts counting down.
Cooking time
Automatic switch-off after a cooking time setting has elapsed.
1. Set the operating mode and temperature for the bottom oven.
The bottom oven starts heating.
2. Press the KJ clock function button repeatedly until the KJ
x symbols light up.
Clock function button
Rotary selector
Clock function Use
Timer You can use the minute minder as an egg timer or a kitchen timer. The appliance does
not switch on or off automatically
Cooking time
Bottom oven
õ: The oven switches off automatically after a set cooking time
:„‹ hours).
End of operation
Bottom oven
õ :The oven switches off automatically at a set time (e.g.: ‚ƒ:„‹ ).
Preset operation
Bottom oven
õ: The oven switches on and off automatically. Cooking time and end of
operation have been combined.
Clock Sets the clock
Rapid heat up
Bottom oven
õ: Decreases the preheat time
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