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In this section, you can read about
how to defrost using 3 CircoTherm®
how to use Defrost
Defrosting with CircoTherm®
Use 3 CircoTherm® to defrost and cook frozen products.
Frozen products that have been defrosted (meat in particular)
require shorter cooking times than fresh products
The cooking time for frozen meat increases by the defrosting
Always defrost frozen poultry before cooking so that you can
remove the giblets
Cook frozen fish at the same temperatures as fresh fish
You can place large quantities of ready made frozen
vegetables in aluminium dishes in the cooking compartment
at the same time
Use shelf height 1 when defrosting on one level, and shelf
heights 1 + 3 when using two levels
Observe the instructions on the packaging when using frozen
You can Defrost to defrost delicate pastries particularly well
(e. g. cream cakes).
1. Switch on 3 CircoTherm® operating mode.
2. Using the temperature selector, turn the default temperature
down to 40 °C. Then turn the temperature selector one notch
further anti-clockwise.
Defrost is now set.
A A A appears in the temperature display.
3. Defrost frozen food for 25 - 45 minutes, depending on type
and size.
4. Remove the frozen food from the cooking compartment and
let it thaw for 30 - 45 minutes.
With small quantities (pieces), the defrosting time is shortened
to 15 20 minutes and the extended defrosting time is
shortened to 10 15 minutes.
Note: To return to the
3CircoTherm® operating mode, turn the
temperature selector clockwise. The temperature set for
CircoTherm® appears again in the temperature display.
You can also use the appliance to make home-made yoghurt:
The heat of the
\ cooking compartment light is used for this.
1. Remove accessories and hook-in racks, telescopic shelves
or separate fitting systems.
2. Heat 1 litre of long-life milk (3.5 % fat) or fresh pasteurised
milk to 40 °C
Bring 1 litre of fresh milk to the boil once and allow to cool
down to 40 °C.
3. Add 150 g of set yoghurt to the warm milk, stir in and fill the
jars or bowls evenly. Do not pour more than 200 ml into any
single container.
4. Cover the filled containers with a suitable lid or cling film.
5. Preheat the oven at 100 °C for 15 minutes using the full-
surface grill.
6. Then set the operating mode selector to the \ cooking
compartment light.
7. Evenly space the containers over the cooking compartment
floor, then close the appliance door.
8. After 8 hours, switch off the \ cooking compartment light
and place the containers in the refrigerator for at least
12 hours.
Cleaning and care
In this section, you will find information on
Cleaning and care of your appliance
Cleaning agents and aids
Self-cleaning surfaces in the cooking compartment
Oven cleaning z
: Risk of short circuit!
Do not use high-pressure cleaners or steam jet cleaners to
clean your appliance.
Surface damage due to incorrect cleaning: Do not use any
harsh or abrasive cleaning agents
cleaning agents that contain alcohol
abrasive cleaning aids such as steel wool or scourers.
Observe the specifications in the tables.
Note: Highly recommended cleaning and care products can be
purchased through our after-sales service. Observe the
manufacturer's instructions.
Frozen meals Tempera-
ture in °C
time in min-
Raw frozen products/ foods 50 30 - 90
Bread/Bread rolls (750 - 1,500 g) 50 30 - 60
Dry, frozen tray bakes 60 45 - 60
Moist, frozen tray bakes 50 50 - 70
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