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Optional accessories
You can buy optional accessories from your after-sales service
or from specialist retailers. A comprehensive range of products
for your appliance can be found in our brochures or on our
home page.
Before using the appliance for the first time
In this section, you can read about
How to set the clock after connecting up your appliance
How to clean your appliance before using it for the first time
Setting the clock
Note: When you press the KJ clock function button, you have
3 seconds to set the clock using the rotary selector. Should this
have been insufficient for you, you can amend the clock time
:‹‹ flashes in the clock display.
1. Briefly press the KJ clock function button to go to the
setting mode.
KJ and 3 symbols light up. ‚ƒ:‹‹ appears in the
clock display.
2. Set the current time using the rotary selector.
Your setting is accepted after 3 seconds.
Changing the clock
To subsequently change the time, press the
KJclock function
button repeatedly until the
KJ and 3 symbols light up again.
Change the time with the rotary selector.
Cleaning the appliance
Clean your appliance before using it for the first time.
1. Remove the accessories from the cooking compartment.
2. Completely remove any residual packaging (e.g. chips of
polystyrene) from the cooking compartment.
3. Clean the accessories and cooking compartment with hot
soapy water (see section: Cleaning and care).
4. Keep the kitchen ventilated while the appliance is heating up.
Heat with Top/bottom heat
% at 240 °C for 60 minutes.
5. Afterwards, wipe the cooled cooking compartment with hot,
soapy water.
6. Clean the outside of the appliance with a soft, damp cloth
and soapy water.
Operating the appliance
In this section, you can read about
how to switch your appliance on and off
how to select an operating mode and temperature
how you can change the basic settings
when your appliance switches off automatically
Switching on the appliance
1. Turn the operating mode selector until the desired operating
mode is selected.
A default temperature appears on the temperature display.
2. Turn the temperature selector to change the default
You can only start the operating mode / Low-temperature
cooking if neither
nor œ are shown in the temperature
If no default temperature is displayed, the temperature of your
selected operating mode is a fixed setting. You cannot
change this temperature.
Optional accessories Ordering no.
System steamer N8642X3
Roasting pan, enamelled Z1272X0
Glass pan Z1262X0
CLOU® 4x telescopic shelf with full exten-
Bread-baking stone Z1913X0
Operating mode Default temper-
ature in °C
range in °C
CircoTherm® 160 40 - 200
* Turn the temperature selector beyond 275 °C.
‚Ÿ£ appears
in the temperature display
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