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Current temperature
Press the
± info button. The current temperature appears for
3 seconds.
Note: The current temperature can only be displayed with
operating modes with a default temperature.
Heating indicator
The heating indicator displays the rising temperature in the
cooking compartment.
Temperature reached (figure A)
Appliance reheating (figure B)
Switching off the appliance
Turn the operating mode selector to the Û position. The
appliance is switched off.
The appliance has a cooling fan. After the appliance is switched
off, the cooling fan may continue to run.
You can see in the temperature display whether there is high or
low residual heat in the cooking compartment.
Changing the basic settings
Your appliance has various basic settings, which are preset at
the factory. You can, however, change these basic settings as
The basic settings for both ovens can be activated using the
operating controls on the
õ bottom oven.
To change the basic settings,
the appliance must be switched off.
the childproof lock and timer function must be switched off
1. Press and hold the ± info button for 3 seconds to go to
the basic settings menu.
In the temperature display,
™‚‹ appears.
2. Press the ± info button briefly and repeatedly until the setting
symbol for the current basic setting of a submenu is
displayed in the temperature display (e.g.
3. Using the temperature selector, set the required basic setting
within a submenu (e.g.
4. Press and hold the ± info button for 3 seconds.
Your basic setting is saved.
You can change the following basic settings:
Automatic safety cut-out
The automatic safety cut-out is activated if your appliance is
switched on and you have not made any settings for a long
The length of time after which your appliance switches itself off
depends on the settings that you make.
‹‹‹ flashes in the temperature display. Appliance operation is
Turn the operating mode selector to the
Û position to
deactivate it.
Top/bottom heat 170 50 - 275
CircoTherm intensive 220 50 - 275
Circo-roasting 170 50 - 250
Full-surface grill 220 50 - 275
Full-surface grill
Fixed setting
Centre-area grill 180 50 - 275
Centre-area grill
Fixed setting
Bottom heat 200 50 - 225
Fixed setting
CircoTherm® Eco 160 40 - 200
Oven cleaning Fixed setting
Interior lighting Fixed setting
Temperature dis-
Residual heat high (above 120 °C)
Residual heat low (between
60 °C and 120 °C)
Operating mode Default temper-
ature in °C
range in °C
* Turn the temperature selector beyond 275 °C.
‚Ÿ£ appears
in the temperature display
$ %
Basic settings menu
Submenu Basic setting Setting
Childproof lock Appliance controls
Appliance controls locked
Appliance controls perma-
nent lock
Audible signal Audible signal off
Audible signal 30 seconds
Audible signal 2 minutes
Audible signal 10 minutes
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