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User care Haier HRZ113 Bar Fridge 


  • The refrigerator should be cleaned and maintained once a month.
  • The power plug should always be disconnected from the power outlet before any cleaning or maintainance is carried out.
  • For cleaning, do notuse hotwater, petrol, alcohol, kerosene, washing powder, cleanser, alkaline detergent, acid or chemical cloths. Never directly spray the refrigerator with water. This could cause rustor weaken the insulation.
  • Wipe the inner, outer and accessories of the refrigerator only with luke warm water. For heavier cleaning, use a small amount of washing detergent in luke warm water, then wipe down with water and dry with a clean cloth.
  • Make sure that therubber sealson the door are clean andnot damaged.
  • Avoid leaving oils and solubles on the plastic parts of the refrigerator. Try to wipe up as it could cause a stain. Not doing so could easily age the plastic.Bad odours can also occur if not cleaned regularly.


When the refrigerator does not work.

  • Check ifthere isa power failure.
  • Check if the power plug is plugged intothe power outlet.
  • Check ifthe fuse hasblown.

When the refrigeratoris cooling excessively.

  • The temperature control dial may be set too high.

When the refrigeratoris notcooling sufficiently.

  • Hot food may have just been placed inside, allow t to cool down.
  • There is too much food in the refrigerator.
  • The door may nothave was closed properly.
  • The door gasket / seals may be damaged. The refrigeratormay notbe wellventilated.
  • There maybe Insufficient clearance between the refrigerator and surrounding walis.
  • The temperature control may notbe set properly.

While defrosting, water overflows the refrigerator and on to the floor.

  • Check that the drain pipe and the drain hose are not clogged.
  • Check thatthe drain pan ishoused properly.

When condensation formson the outside of the refrigerator.

  • Condensation may form on the outside when the humidity is high such as during a wet season. This is the same effect as condensation forming when chilled water is poured in to a glass. It does not indicate a failure, wipe with a dry cloth.

When you hear a sound like water flowing.

  • A sound like water flowing is the refrigerant flowing.
  • It does not indicate a failure.

When the cabinet's side panel heats up.

  • The side panel ofthe cabinet will heatup when the measure is opened or closed frequentiy, when starting the unit and when the unit operates in summer with high ambient outside temperature, Do not touch the panel, it results from the dissipation of the heat from inside the cabinet and does not indicate a failure 

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