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Refrigerator-Freezer User Manual Haier Model HRF520BS

Table Of Contents

  • Intended Use
  • Safety
  • Product Description
  • Use
  • Equipment
  • Care and Cleaning
  • Troubleshooting
  • Installation
  • Technical Data

Storage in the freezer compartment

Keep the freezer temperature at -18°C. hours before freezing, switch on the Super Freeze function; for small quantities of food 4-6 hours are sufficient.

Hot food must be cooled to room temperature before storing in the freezer com- partment.

Food cut into small portions will freeze faster and be easier to defrost and cook. The recommended weight for each portion is less than 2.5Kg

It is better to pack food before putting it into the freezer. The outside of the pack- aging must be dry to avoid bags sticking together. Packaging materials should be odour-free, airtight, non-poisonous and nontoxic.

In order to avoid expiration of storage periods, please note the freezing date, time limit and name of the food on the packaging according to the storage periods of dif- ferent foods.

WARNING! Acid, alkali and salt etc. could erode the internal surface of the freezer.

Do not place food with these substances (eg. seafood) directly on internal surfaces.

Salt water in the freezer should be cleaned up immediately.

Do not exceed the food storage times recommended by the manufacturers. Only take the required amount of food out of the freezer.

Consume defrosted food quickly. Defrosted food cannot be re-frozen unless it is first cooked, otherwise it may be less edible.

Do not load excessive quantities of fresh food in the freezer compartment. Refer to the freezing capacity of the freezer (see TECHNICAL DATA).

Food can be stored in the freezer at a temperature of at least -18°C for 2 to 12 months, depending on its properties (eg. meat: 3-12 months, vegetables: 6-12 months).

When freezing fresh food, avoid bringing it in contact with already frozen food. Risk of thawing!

Defreeze frozen food in the fridge. This way, you can use the frozen food to decrease the temperature in the fridge compartment and save energy.

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