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User Manual Bar Fridge Haier HRZ130


  • The refrigerator should be cleaned and maintained once a month.
  • The power plug should always be disconnected from the power outlet before any cleaning or maintenance is carried out.
  • For cleaning, do not use hot water, petrol, alcohol, kerosene, washing powder, cleanser, alkaline detergent, acid or chemical cloths.
  • Never directly spray the refrigerator with water. This could cause rust or weaken the insulation.
  • Wipe the inner, outer and accessories of the refrigerator only with luke warm water.
  • For heavier cleaning, use a small amount of washing detergent in luke warm water, then wipe down with water and dry with a clean cloth. Make sure that the rubber seals on the door are clean and not damaged.
  • Avoid leaving oils and solubles on the plastic parts of the refrigerator. Try to wipe up as it could cause a stain.
  • Not doing so could easily age the plastic Bad odours can also occurif not cleaned reqularly.

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