User Manual Haier HRF520BW Refrigerator

Haier HRF520BW Refrigerator - Use Manual - Use Guide PDF.
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  • Owner's manual - (English)

User Manual Haier HRF520BW Refrigerator

Table of contents

  • Intended Use
  • Safety
  • Product Description
  • Use
  • Equipment
  • Care and Cleaning
  • Troubleshooting
  • Installation
  • Technical Data

Cleaning the water tank

  • Clean the inside and housing of the appliance with a sponge dampened in warm water and neutral detergent
  •  Remove the cover (A).
  • Unscrew the dispenser cock (B).
  • Clean the tank and dispenser cock with warm water and liquid dishwashing detergent. Make
  • Mount the dispenser cock, close the cover and replace the tank inside the appliance.

Non-use for a longer perior

If the appliance is not used for an extended period of time, and the Holiday function for the refrigerator is not being used:

  • Take out the food.
  •  Unplug the power cord.
  •  Clean the appliance as described above. 

The appliance runs frequently or runs for too long a period of time.

• The indoor or outdoor temperature is too high.

• The appliance has been powered off for a period of time.

• A door/drawer of the appliance is not tightly closed.

• The door/drawer has been opened too frequently or for too long.

• The temperature setting for the freezer compartment is too low.

• The door/drawer gasket is dirty, worn, cracked or mismatched.

• The required air circulation is not guaranteed.

It is too cold inside the appliance.

• The temperature is set too low.

• The Super Freeze/Super Cool function is activated or is running too long.

• Reset the temperature.

• Switch off the Super Freeze/ Super Cool function

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