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User manual Refrigerator for Haier HRF360TW 


  • Important! For electrical connection carefully follow the instructions given in specific paragraphs.
  • Unpack the appliance and check if there are damages on it. Do not connect the appliance if it is damaged. Report possible damages immediately to the place you bought it. In that case retain packing.
  • It is advisable to wait at least four hours before connecting the appliance to allow the oil to flow back in the compressor.
  • Adequate air circulation should be around the appliance, lacking this leads to overheating. To achieve sufficient ventilation follow the instructions relevant to installation.
  • Wherever possible the spacers of the product should be against a wall to avoid touching or catching warm parts (compressor, con- denser) to prevent possible burn.
  • The appliance must not be located close to radiators or cookers.
  • Make sure that the mains plug is accessible after the installation of the appliance.

Levelling the unit

  • To do this adjust the two levelling feet at front of the unit.
  • If the unit is not level, the doors and magnetic seal alignments will not be covered properly.

Fridge compartment Temperature Setting

  • Plug on your appliance. There are 4 settings: OFF, COLD, COLDER and COLDEST. COLD is warmest setting and COLDEST is coldest setting,OFF is off.
  • The appliance may not operate at the correct temperature if it is in a particularly hot or if you open the door often.
  • Neither fridge or freezer compartment works when the setting is OFF.

Daily use

  • Do not put hot on the plastic parts in the appliance.
  • Do not place food products directly against the rear wall.
  •  Frozen food must not be re-frozen once it has been thawed out.
  • Appliance s manufactures storage recommendations should be strictly adhered to. Refer to relevant instructions.
  • Do not place carbonated of fizzy drinks in the freezer compartment as it creates pressure on the container, which may cause it to explode, resulting in damage to the appliance.
  • Ice lollies can cause frost burns if consumed straight from the appliance.
  • If the supply cord is damaged it must be replaced by the manufacturer, service agent or similarly qualified persons in order to avoid a hazard. Do not replace the LED lamp yourself, it must only be replaced by either the manufacturer or the authorised service agent.

Care and cleaning

  • Before maintenance, switch off the appliance and disconnect the mains plug from the mains socket.
  • Do not clean the appliance with metal objects.
  • Do not use sharp objects to remove frost from the appliance. Use a plastic scraper.
  • Regularly examine the drain in the refrigerator for defrosted water. If necessary, clean the drain. If If the drain is blocked, water will collect in te bottom of the appliance.


  • Any electrical work required to do the servicing of the appliance should be carried out by a qualified electrician or competent person.
  • This product must be serviced by an authorized Service Center, and only genuine spare parts must be used.

Energy saving

  • Don’t put hot food in the appliance;
  • Don’t pack food close together as this prevents air circulating;
  • Make sure food don’t touch the back of the compartment(s);
  • If electricity goes off, don’t open the door(s);
  • Don’t open the door(s) frequently;
  • Don’t keep the door(s) open for too long time;
  • Don’t set the thermostat on exceeding cold temperatures;
  • Some accessaries, such as drawers, can be removed to get larger storage volume and lower energy consumption.

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