Haier HRF520FS French Door Refrigerator

User Manual

For HRF520FS. Also, The document are for others Haier models: HBM450WH1,  HBM450SA1, HRF520BW, HRF520BS, HRF520BHS, HBM450HSA1, HRF520FHS

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User Manual
User Manual
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#1 Can this fridge be built in.

It can be place into a cavity but not completely built in. We recommend with all fridges (excluding dedicated integrated models) that you have 50-100mm above the appliance and 30-50mm space behind and beside the appliance. This allows for adequate ventilation and ensure the compressor does not over heat and damage your fridge.

#2 Fridge depth says 686mm, is it, if you measure from the outside or from the inside (the inside compartment depth)? We are limited with depth, hence would appreciate if you could confirm the actual depth of the fridge when you measure from the outside.

Thank you for this question the 686 is spot also you need to allow air space which is 5cm all the way around if for some reason you squeeze this into a tight space and the fridge overheats due to the lack of airspace your appliance warranty will be void due to a faulty installation.

#3 does the height of the fridge noted at 1720 include the feet?

Thank you for this question is you do not have space around your fridge and there is an issue with the fridge not working and a service call is placed and there is not enough air space provided they will Void your warranty there and then which means you will have zero warranty and have to pay for the call out as well. Please make sure you have air space around your fridge this model requires 50mm above and 20mm all the way around. Please download the product manual from our website every item will have manual attached for you to view this information as well as how to use and care for your new fridge. Another option would be to adjust the cupboard above to allow more height.

#4 Does this fridge have an in built ice tray? (Twist tray)

Thank you for this attached to this item on our website you have the instruction manual for you to download here you are able to view extra features such as the ice tray which is included on page 5 talks about the included accessories please download to view also information how to use and care for your new fridge.