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User Manual Haier HRF520FHC Fridge 

Table of contents

  • Intended Use
  • Safety
  • Product Description
  • Use
  • Equipment
  • Care and Cleaning
  • Troubleshooting
  • Installation
  • Technical Data

Before first use

  1.  Remove all packaging materials, keep them out of children`s reach and dispose them in an environmentally friendly manner.
  2.  Clean the inside and outside of the appliance with water and a mild detergent before putting any food in it.
  3. After the appliance has been levelled and cleaned, wait for at least 2 hours before connecting it to the power supply. See INSTALLATION.
  4.  Precool the compartments at high settings before loading with food. The function Super Cool and Super Freeze help to cool down the compartments quickly.
  5.  The refrigerator temperature and freezer temperature are automatically set to 3°C and -18°C respectively.
  6.  These are the recommended settings. If desired, you can change these temperatures manually. Please see FUNCTIONS.

Lock/unlock panel

  1.  Touch button “D” for 3 seconds to block all panel elements against activation. The related indicator “d” is now displayed.
  2.  To unlock, press button “D” again.

Adjust the temperature

The internal fridge/freezer temperatures are influenced by the following factors:

  •  ambient temperature;
  •  frequency of door opening;
  •  amount of stored foods;
  •  installation of the appliance;

Adjust the temperature for fridge

  1. Unlock the panel if it is locked.
  2.  Press button “A“ (Fridge) to select the fridge com- partment. Indicator “a2“ is flashing.
  3. Press button “A” to set the refrigerator temperature. The temperature increases in sequences of 1°C from a minimum of 2°C to a maximum of 8°C

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