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Sorting and Loading Hints

  • As a general rule, if clothes are sorted properly for the washer, they are sorted properly for the dryer.
  • Do not add fabric softener sheets once the load has become warm.
  • They may cause fabric softener stains. Bounce® Fabric Conditioner Dryer
  • Sheets have been approved for use in all GE Dryers when used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions

The Exterior:

  • Wipe or dust any spills or washing compounds with a damp cloth.
  • Dryer control panel and finishes may be damaged by some laundry pretreatment soil and stain remover products.
  • Apply these products away from the dryer. The fabric may then be washed and dried normally.
  • Damage to your dryer caused by these products is not covered by your warranty

The Lint Filter:

  • Clean the lint filter before each use. Moisten your fingers and reach into the filter opening.
  • Run your fingers across the filter. Have a qualified technician vacuum the lint from the dryer once a year.

Stainless Steel:

  • To clean stainless steel surfaces, use a damp cloth with a mild, non-abrasive cleaner suitable for stainless steel surfaces.
  • Remove the cleaner residue, and then dry with a clean cloth.
  • The Exhaust Duct: Inspect and clean the exhaust ducting at least once a year to prevent clogging. A partially clogged exhaust can lengthen the drying time.

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