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Please read and follow the ‘Safety and warnings’ and ‘Installation instructions’ sections carefully before using your dryer.


  1. Remove all the packaging.
  2. Tilt the dryer backwards and ‘walk’ it off the base one foot at a time.
  3.  Remove all packaging and accessories from inside the drum and ensure you remove protective covers from the door and console.

Free standing

The dryer stands on the floor and can easily be moved into position.

  1. Move the dryer into the desired position. Do not lift the dryer by the top panel.
  2. Have a minimum clearance on all sides of at least 20mm.
  3. Have a minimum clearance at the rear of 75mm. The spacers from the accessory wall mounting kit can be used to set this distance.
  4. Install the dryer on a stable and level floor.

Cleaning your dryer

Before you start cleaning your dryer, ensure that it is disconnected from the power (ie unplug the dryer from the power socket).

To clean the filter:

  1. Open the dryer door.
  2. Remove the lint filter by pulling it up and out of the filter slot.
  3. Open it out and wipe the surface clean with your hand.
  4. Close the lint filter and place it back in the opening. Ensure the filter is fitted correctly back in place before operating the dryer.

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How long is standard warranty?
this information about the factory warranty is available on every
product on our website for you to view: Warranty Manufacturer
Warranty: 2 Years Warranty Note: 2-year domestic warranty on
parts and labour with in-home service.

How long does the dryer cycle take?
you are able to operate this manually where you select the dry time
or operate this using the sensor drying once the machine detects
that the clothes are dry the dryer will then go into a cool down cycle
then turn off all automatically.

if using the stacker bracket, does the dryer also need to be
mounted to the wall?
if you need to wall mount your dryer up high this is able to be
done with the dryer a wall mounting bracket is included for you
to arrange this option this model is able to also installed upside
down so the controls are easy to reach. I will attach the user
manual below for you to download and view extra features such
as how to install and how to use & care for your new dryer.