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Model: HDV60A1 and HDV40A1

Free standing

The dryer stands on the floor and can easily be moved into position.
1. Move the dryer into the desired position. Do not lift the dryer by the top panel.

2. Have a minimum clearance on all sides of at least 20mm.

3. Have a minimum clearance at the rear of 75mm. The spacers from the accessory wall mounting kit can be used to set this distance.

4. Install the dryer on a stable and level floor.
IMPORTANT! Do not put the heavy loads on the top of your dryer, eg the wet clothes that were taken out of the washing machine.

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Inverted wall mounting

Your dryer has been designed to be inverted and mounted on the wall above a washer or tub. A wall mounting kit must be used. Inverting allows access to the dryer control panel.

Tools and parts required:

■ Drill and 3mm bit

■ Phillips head screwdriver

Wall mounting kit includes:

■ 2 x Plastic spacers

■ 2 x Wall hanging brackets

■ 2 x Hanging hooks

■ 4 x Wood screws

■ 6 x Screws for hanging hooks and plastic spacers

Mounting dryer on wall

1. Determine the position of the dryer on the wall and mark the bracket position. A minimum of 50mm is needed between the top of the dryer and the ceiling for ease of installation. If mounting above a washing machine, allow sufficient room to open the lid of the washer.

2. Fix the wall hanging brackets to the wall securely, ie into the stud. If the studs are too far apart, fit a timber slat to the studs and then mount the brackets to the slat. If a slat is used install a second slat behind the spacers to ensure the dryer is horizontal. The distance between the centre of each bracket is 555mm (A).

3. To install the hooks onto the dryer, remove one screw from each side (B), reuse these screws with two more (each side) from the kit to fasten the hooks in place.

4 Remove plastic plugs from the back of the dryer and screw the spacers provided in place (C).

5 With assistance, mount t

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My Haier dryer does not automatically stop on the 30 minutes etc .... Or is this a fault item?
It is error, please contact Haier repair service.

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