Use Manual Bissell 2230 Pet Hair Eraser Premium Canister Vacuum

Bissell 2230 Pet Hair Eraser Premium Canister Vacuum - Use Manual - Use Guide PDF.
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  • Owner's manual - (English)

User manual Vacuum Cleaner for Bissell 2230

Table of contents

  • Safety Instructions
  • Product View
  • Assembly
  • Operations
  • Maintenance & Care
  • Troubleshooting
  • Guarantee
  • Consumer Care

Using Your Pet Hair Eraser®

  • Press the button on the back left side of the unit to power the unit ON and OFF.
  • Press Auto Button on back of unit for automatic floor type sensing. The Pet Hair Eraser canister will detect your floor type and adjust suction as necessary.
  • Adjust suction power by pressing the buttons with the plus (+) or minus (-) symbol on them depending on the level of power you want.

Cleaning the Filters

  • With Dirt Tank removed twist the top counter-clockwise and pull up to remove.
  • Remove foam filter from the tank lid.
  • Remove felt filter from the tank lid.
  • Both filters can be rinsed to clean. Leave to dry for hours before replacing.
  • Replace both filters making sure the flat felt filter is inserted first.
  • Replace lid and turn clockwise to lock in place.

Storing the Vacuum

  • Connect T-shaped hook on the Foot to the T-shaped slot on the base for in-use storage positioning.
  • Connect T-shaped hook on the Foot to the T-shaped slot on the bottom of the base for long term storage positioning.

Clearing a Clog

  • If there is a lack of suction, turn OFF the machine and lift up to access the plug on the bottom of the base. Press tabs inward to remove the plug.
  • Use the handle of a broomstick or a similar shaped object to unclog and clear debris.
  • Insert plug until it clicks into place.

Maintaining the Brush Roll

  • Use a coin to turn counter clockwise to unlock.
  • Use a screwdriver to help maneuver belt around silver motor pulley.
  • To replace the Brush Roll to the foot, place the left side of the Brush Roll under the belt before pushing down into place.
  • Reattach sole plate. Use a coin to turn screws clockwise to secure.
  • Once unlocked, remove sole plate.
  • Remove Brush Roll from Foot.

Cleaning the Cyclonic System

  • Turn cyclonic system counter-clockwise to release and remove from the tank.
  • Replace cyclonic system and turn clockwise

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