Samsung ME21H706MQB/AA-01 Official Microwave/hood Combo

User Manual - Page 6

For ME21H706MQB/AA-01.

PDF File Manual, 28 pages, Download pdf file

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Ifthe surface of the microwave is cracked, turn it off.
Failing to do so may result in electric shock.
Dishes and containers can become hot. Handle with
Hot foods and steam can cause burns. Carefully
remove container coverings, directing steam away
from your hands and face.
Remove lids from baby food before heating. After
heating baby food, stir well to distribute the heat
evenly. Always test the temperature by tasting before
feeding the baby. The glass jar or surface of the food
may appear to be cooler than the food in the interior,
which can be so hot that it will burn the infant's
Make sure all cookware used in the oven is suitable
for microwaving.
Use microwavable cookware in strict compliance
with such manufacturer's recommendations.
Do not stand on top of the microwave or place
objects (such as laundry, oven covers, lighted
candles, lighted cigarettes, dishes, chemicals, metal
objects, etc.) on the appliance.
,, Items, such as a cloth, may get caught in the
This may result in electric shock, fire, problems
with the product, or injury.
Do not operate the appliance with wet hands.
This may result in electric shock.
Do not spray volatile material such as insecticide
onto the surface of the appliance.
,, As well as being harmful to humans, it may also
result in electric shock, fire, or problems with the
Do not place the appliance over a fragile object such
as a sink or glass object.
,, This may result in damage to the sink or glass
Do not put your face or body close to the appliance
while cooking or when opening the door just after
,, Take care that children do not come too close to
the appliance.
,, Failing to do so may result in children burning
Do not place food or heavy objects over the door
when opening the door.
The food or object may fall and this may result in
burns or injury.
Do not abruptly cool the door, the inside of the
appliance, or the dish by pouring water over it during
or just after cooking.
,, This may result in damage to the appliance. The
steam or water spray may result in burns or injury.
Do not try to preheat the oven or operate it while
Do not cook without the glass tray in place on the
oven floor. Food will not cook properly without the
Do not defrost frozen beverages in narrow-necked
bottles. The containers can break.
Do not scratch the glass of the oven door with a
sharp object.
,, This may result in the glass being damaged or
Do not store anything directly on top of the appliance
when it is in operation.
Do not use sealed containers. Remove seals and lids
before use. Sealed containers can explode due to
buildup of pressure even after oven has been turned
Do not clean the appliance by spraying water directly
onto it.
Do not use benzene, thinner, or alcohol to clean the
This may result in discoloration, deformation,
damage, electric shock, or fire.
Before cleaning or performing maintenance, unplug
the appliance from the wall socket and remove food
waste from the door and cooking compartment.
Failing to do so may result in electric shock or fire.
Take care not to hurt yourself when cleaning the
appliance (external/internal)
You may hurt yourself on the sharp edges of the
Do not clean the appliance with a steam cleaner.
This may result in corrosion.
Keep the inside of the oven clean. Food particles or
spattered oils stuck to the oven walls or floor can
cause paint damage and reduce the efficiency of the
WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to
the State of California to cause cancer and reproductive
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