Samsung ME21H706MQB/AA-01 Official Microwave/hood Combo

User Manual - Page 10

For ME21H706MQB/AA-01.

PDF File Manual, 28 pages, Download pdf file

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Your microwave overs is equipped with a built-in clock.
Set the clock when first installing your microwave oven
and after a power failure. The time is displayed whenever
the microwave oven is not being used.
1. Press the Clock button.
2. Use the number buttons to enter the current time.
You need to press at least three numbers to set
the clock. For example, if the current time is 5:00,
press 5, 0, 0. The display will show: 500.
3. Press the Clock button.
4. Use the Clock button to select AM / PM.
5. Press the ENTER/START button.
6. A colon appears indicating that the time is set.
To check the time while cooking, press the Clock
The Child Lock function allows you to lock the buttons so
that the microwave oven cannot be operated accidentally.
The oven can be locked at any time.
Ifyou want to activate or deactivate the child lock
function, press the STOP/CLEAR button for 3 seconds.
The display will show ON or (3/-/when the oven is locked
or unlocked, and then re-displays the time.
You can customize your new microwave oven to suit your
preferences. To customize:
1o Press the Options button.
2o Press the number button that corresponds to the
function you want to customize.
3o Press the number that corresponds to the option you
want to set.
4. Press the ENTER/START button to set the option.
The functions, options, and corresponding number buttons
are listed in the table below.
Nol Function I Options ....
1 Lbs.
1 Weight mode selected 2 Kg. (Gram)
1 12HR
2 Clock display control 2 24HR
3 Sound on/off control 1 Sound ON
2 Sound OFF
1 ON
4 Remind end signal 2 OFF
1 ON
5 Daylight Saving time 2 OFF
1 ON
6 Demo mode
1 ON
7 Filter Reminder
Filter Reminder
The filter should be cleaned or replaced once every four
months. When it is time to clean or replace the filter, the
microwave displays the "Filter" message to remind you to
clean or replace the filter. To remove the message, touch
the number 0 when the microwave is in standby mode, or
access Options.
Cook_ng has never been easier than with your
new Samsung mbrowave oven,
The following section describes everything you
need to know about using your mbrowave oven,
Use the Kitchen Timer for timing up to 99 minutes,
99 seconds.
1. Press the Kitchen Timer button.
2. Use the number buttons to set the length of time
you want the timer to run.
3. Press the ENTER/START button
4. The display counts down and beeps when the time
has elapsed.
5. To cancel the timer setting: Press the STOP/
CLEAR button once.
This simplified control saves you time, letting you quickly
start cooking at 100 % power.
1. Press the Add 30 sec button for each 30 seconds
you want food to cook. For example, press it
twice to cook for one minute, and then press the
ENTER/START button to start cooking.
2. Add 30 sec to a cooking program already in
progress by pressing the Add 30 sec button for
every additional 30 seconds you want to add.
The vent removes steam and other vapors from the
cooking surface. You cars manually select the verstsetting.
1. Press the Vent 4 Speed button to set the speed
2. Press the Vent On/Off button to turn the vent on.
3. Press the Vent On/Off button again to turn the
vent off.
The exhaust fan's speed will reduce when the
oven's cooking function is activated.
Press the Delay Off button once to turn the fan off after
a certain number of minutes. The number of minutes
depends ors how many times you press the button.
Press (times)1 2 3 4 5
Delay 0ff (min)1 3 5 10 30
The Light button allows you to select a light setting for
your microwave.
Press (times)1 2 3
Light High Low Off
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