Samsung ME21H706MQB/AA-01 Official Microwave/hood Combo

User Manual - Page 11

For ME21H706MQB/AA-01.

PDF File Manual, 28 pages, Download pdf file

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You can set the microwave so the light turns on and off
automatically at a preset time. The light comes on at the
same time every day until reset.
1. Press the Set Timer button.
2. Use the number buttons to set the light on time.
3. Press the Clock button to select AM or PM.
4. Press the ENTER/START button.
5. Use the number buttons to set the light off time.
6. Press the Clock button to select AM or PM.
7. Press the ENTER/START button.
For best cooking results, leave the turntable on. However,
for large dishes it can be turned off.
Press the Turntable On/Off button to turn the turntable
on or off.
z_The turntable may become too hot to touch. Use
....... pot holders to touch the turntable during and after
Use the metal shelf to cook more than one item at the
same time.
Do not use a microwave browning dish on the
shelf. The shelf could overheat.
Do not use the oven with the shelf on the
microwave floor. This could damage the
Use pot holders when handling the shelf as it
may be hot.
Do not use the metal shelf when cooking
Food cooks best on the turntable.
The shelf gives you the option to reheat more
than one dish at the same time.
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Reheating food
To reheat food on 2 levels or to reheat food on the lower
Multiply the reheating time by 11/2.
Switch places halfway through the reheating process.
For best results
Eco Mode reduces standby power usage.
When you press the Eco Mode button once, the display
will go out and the microwave shifts to the mode which
minimizes power usage.
To cancel the Eco Mode, press the Eco Mode button
once again, or press any other button.
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