Samsung ME21H706MQB/AA-01 Official Microwave/hood Combo

User Manual - Page 17

For ME21H706MQB/AA-01.

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Power Levels
The 10 power levels allow you to choose the optimal
power level for your cooking needs.
1 Warm Simmer
2 Low 7 Medium high
3 Defrost 8 Reheat
4 Medium low 9 Saut_
5 Medium 10 High
You can keep cooked food warm in your microwave oven
for up to 99 minutes 99 seconds.
1. Press the Keep Warm button.
2. Enter the warming time.
3. Press the ENTER/START button.
Below are the amounts of food we recommend you apply
the Warm and Hold function to by Food Type.
F00d type Recommended Quantity
Liquid 1-2 cups
Dry 5-10 oz.
Keep Warm operates for up to 99 minutes 99
Food that is cooked covered should also be
covered during Keep Warm.
Pastry items (pies, turnovers, etc.) should be
uncovered during Keep Warm.
Complete meals kept warm on a dinner plate can
be covered during Keep Warm.
The Favorite Cook button lets you store a customized set
of cooking instructions, and recall this setting later from
the microwave's memory to begin cooking quickly.
[_ Only one set can at a
of instructions be stored time.
1. Press the Favorite Cook button.
2. Use the number buttons to enter the cooking time.
The display will show the set time.
3. Press the Power Level button and use the number
buttons to enter the power level. The display will show
the selected power level. You can set the power level
from 0 to 9. If you do not set the Power Level, the
oven sets itself to the highest level automatically.
4. Press the ENTER/START button again.
5. To retrieve a Favorite Cook setting, press the Favorite
Cook button, then press the ENTER/START button.
* You can only recall one stored Custom Cook setting at
a time.
6. Ifyou want to set a new time and power level, repeat
steps 1-5.
You can check the power level anytime while
cooking by pressing the Power Level button.
For food to cook in the microwave oven, the
microwaves must be able to penetrate the food
without being reflected or absorbed by the dish,
It is important to choose the correct cookware,
therefore, look for cookware that is marked
The following table lists various types of
cookware and indicates ifand how they should
be used in a microwave oven,
- -:i ¸; j
i _ i ii _/ i
: !i
Ifyou are not sure whether an item is microwave-safe, you
can perform the following simple test:
1. Place 1 cup of water (in a glass-measuring cup) inside
your oven next to the item to be tested.
2. Press the Add 30 sec button twice to heat them both
for one minute at high power.
After one minute, the water should be warm and the item
you are testing should be cool. If the dish is warm, then it
is absorbing microwave energy and is not microwave-safe.
Cookware I Comments
Aluminum foil
Ceramic, v /
Disposable v /
Paper bags or
paper or metal
Can be used in small quantities
to protect areas against
overcooking. Arcing can occur
if the foil is too close to the oven
wall or you use too much foil.
Do not preheat for more than
eight minutes.
Porcelain, pottery, glazed
earthenware, and bone china are
usually suitable, unless decorated
with a metal trim.
Some frozen foods are packaged
in these materials.
Can be used to warm food.
Overheating may cause the
polystyrene to melt.
May catch fire.
May cause arcing.
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