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T410A,B Line Voltage
Electric Heat Thermostats
T410A provides single-line break.
T410B provides double-line break.
Temperature Range: 40°F to 80°F (4°C to 27°C)
Electrical Ratings: 60 Hz noninductive
22A at 120-240 Vac; 19A at 277 Vac
Your Resideo Thermostat
Your new Resideo T410 Electric Heating Thermostat
provides line voltage control of a radiant cable,
electric baseboard, and resistive-rated fan forced
heaters within the ratings listed above.
Electric shock hazard
This thermostat is a line voltage control (120
Volts to 277 Volts.) Do not install it if you are
not completely familiar with house wiring. If
handled improperly, there can be risk of a 120
Volt to 277 Volt electric shock hazard, which
may cause serious injury or death.
If this control is replacing a control that
contains mercury in a sealed tube, do not
place you old control in the trash. Dispose of
Contact you local waste management
authority for instruction regarding recycling
and the proper disposal of a old control.
Proper installation of your Resideo thermostat will
occur if you follow these instructions STEP-
BYSTEP. It is recommended that as you read,
understand and complete each step, you check it
off with pencil or pen.
Check thermostat suitability for your home system
by reviewing the ratings listed on this page.
Make certain that your heating system is working,
especially if it has been inoperative for a length of
time. If the system does not work, contact your
local electrician for assistance.
Carefully unpack your new thermostat. To avoid
damage to the sensing element, do NOT remove
the thermostat cover until wiring has been
Save packages of screws, instructions, receipt and
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