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MOM 17414 (2001)
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Honda 2021 ADV150 Questions and Answers

#1 How can I get a replacement ignition key?

You can order replacement ignition keys through your local authorized Honda Powersports dealer. The dealer will need your key code to cut a new ignition key. If you do not have the key code, we first recommend contacting your original selling dealer since they may have recorded this information at the time of sale. American Honda Powersports division is unable to provide a key code that corresponds with your VIN. If you are still unable to find your key code, please contact your local authorized Honda Powersports dealer for further assistance in obtaining a replacement key.

#2 What does my warranty cover?

Your warranty covers the repair or replacement, at American Honda's option, any part which is defective in material or factory workmanship under normal use for the applicable warranty period. For further details please see your warranty booklet. (Competition models are excluded from warranty coverage.)

#3 How do I obtain warranty coverage?

In order to obtain warranty coverage, the first step would be to take your product to an authorized Honda dealer for diagnosis. Your dealer will determine if there is warranty coverage.