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1. The dishwasher can be placed on a flat table or insert into a cabinet

1.1 In a cabinet:

Dimension diagram(Unit: mm)


a. The hole holds drain pipe is up to the position of sewage system.

b. The material of cabinet should be heat-resistant and moisture-proof

c. The shade on the side of cabinet is the recommended area for the hole holding the drain pie. The hole size should be 60x60 which is 400 up from the bottom of the cabinet.

1.2 Free placement on the table; leave a space for opening the door

2.1 Injection pipe installation

The injection pipe connects to the injection valve of dishwasher and the corner valve of pipe or tap. The injection pipe is supplied with the dishwasher. Attention: Please use the supplied new injection pipe to connect with tap and valve. The old and damaged pipe may cause water leakage.

Attention: When injecting water from the tap, please put the plastic stopper on the suction port to avoid water leakage.

2.2 Drain pipe installation

Insertion installation

2.2.1 Put the ferrule on the drain pipe, the pipe onto correspond port and lock the drain pipe with ferrule.

2.2.2 When insert the dishwasher into cabinet, put the drain pipe through the hole on the wall of cabinet.

2.2.3 For insertion installation, the top of drain pipe should be placed above the water detector port.

2.2.4 Insert the drain pipe into the port of the water detector.

2.2.5 Do not twist the drain pipe.

2.2.6 When extending the drain pipe, the extended part of the it should not be over 5 meters in case of affecting the washing results.

Placing the dishwasher on the table

2.3 Suction pipe installation

Suction pipe use: Put the end with filter of the suction pipe into water container and connect the other end of it to the suction port on the dishwasher.


1. Water injected into the dishwasher should be warm or cool.

2. When using the suction pipe, please put the plastic stopper on the irjection port to avoid water leakage.

3. Dishwasher fixation and placement

Installation diagram

3.1. Place the dishwasher levelly in case of triggering overflowing and electricity leakage. The ventilator showed in the figure should not be placed on the rug.

3.2. Adjust the balance of the appliance by rotating the adjustable screw.(Rotate clockwise to elevate and counterclockwise to lower)

3.3. Fix the appliance with screws on both side after inserting it into the cabinet and leveling.

1. Remove the lid on both sides of the appliance for putting screws on them.

2. Put a screw through the fixing hole on the sides of appliance and fix it onto plates of the cabinet.

3. Put lids back on the screws

Check following conditions after installation:

1. Whether the dishwasher is placed levelly and fixed well.

2. Whether the power cord is connected and plugged into grounded socket.

3. Whether the drain and injection pipe is connected well.

4. Whether protective materials and accessories inside are removed completely.

Kindly reminder:

1. Keep the user manual and accessories for further use.

2. Every appliance have passed the water test in factory. It is normal if you found some water leave in appliance. Please feel free to use it. Use the rapid cleaning program 2-3 times before first household use.


1. Control panel use

1.1 Icons on the Control panel

Attention: The power indicator light shines when the appliance is plugged in a socket at normal circumstances.

1.2 Start a program

Close the door and . press Power on icon for 1 second.

Press Program to select desired program.

Correspond icon flickering shows the dishwasher starts working.

Press Start/Pause to start the program.

When you want to change the program during dishwasher operating, press the On/Off to shut down the dishwasher and restart it, then to select new program. After the washing procedure ends, the screen will display "FAN" which indicates the fan motor in the appliance is still working.

1.3 Child lock

In order to prevent children from touching the program button which affects the normal working procedure, you can press the Child lock button for 3 seconds to turn on this function. When the Lock icon shines on the control panel, rest of the program buttons will be locked until pressing the Child lock button for 3 seconds again to unlock them.

1.4 Delay start

Select this program for a delay start.


1. Power on

2. Select program

3. Press delay timer. Press delay timer for 3 seconds to reset it as "H:00" shows on the screen.

4. The display shows present delay time with 3 seconds no operating.

5. Press the Start/Pause button to count down

1.5 Program reference


Applicable scene

Dishwasher detergent powder(g)

Run time (Hour: Minute)

Suitable for washing tableware with medium amount of greasy dirt. This program is the energy efficiency recommendation program


Around 2:25

Suitable for washing tableware in daily life with less run time


Around 1:10

Suitable for washing tableware with heavy greasy dirt


Around 2:10

Suitable for washing tableware with smooth surface such as glassware


Around 1:40

Suitable for rinsing tableware with little dirt and grease/ tableware unused for a long time.


Around 0:25

Tips: To get better washing results when using the Eco program, it is recommended that put 1/2 detergent powder directly into the interior of dishwasher and 1/2 of it into the contributor.


1. Detergent powder/ pod (Dishwasher exclusive)

1.1. Function and amount

Use exclusive detergent powder, pod for dishwasher for removing grease and food residues on the tableware. The amount of detergent depends on the actual conditions of tableware. If there are many sets of tableware in the dishwasher and too much dirt on them, the recommended amount of detergent powder is 23 gram.

1.2 Detergent use

1. Press the button of powder box on the contributor

2 . Open the detergent box

3. Put certain amount box of detergent powder/pod into the box

4. Close the detergent box

Tips: The appliance may emit a sound when the door of detergent box opens and touches the interior door of the dishwasher during working. It is the common procedure of the appliance and please don't worry about it.

2. Rinse aid

2.1 Rinse aid use

The rinse aid must be put into the dishwasher for the first use and the amount of it should be around 100 ml. The rinse aid can help dry tableware after washing and make them shine as new. It is consumable which requires adding when the indicator light is on.

Adjust the gear according to the amomt of tableware. Higher the gear is, th e more amount of rinse aid will be put into the dishwasher. Switch down the gear and run the rapid if high gear results in a extra smooth coating on the tableware.

3. Bowl basket use

Attention: Do not pile up tableware in case of edges are stacked up to result in blocking water from spray arm.

4. Types of tableware

Applicable fbr:ceramic tableware, glass tableware, stainless steel tableware. Tableware which are often used in daily life can all be washed by the dishwasher. But different types of detergent and different temperature may have various influence on tableware made of different materials.

Other types of tableware:

• Precious metal, color ceramic glaze and aluminum tableware: The coating of these types of tableware may become abrasive after cleaning in the dishwasher.

• Wooden tableware: Easy to deform and get broken at high temperature.

• Plastic tableware: Please refer to the instructions of tableware in case of plastic tableware may get deformation easily after heating.

• Cleaning cloth: May cause the dishwasher malfunction.

• Metal tableware: May get rusty after washing in the dishwasher.

5. Tableware placement

• Large residues such as bones, fishbone and vegetable leaves, etc on the tableware should be removed before putting tableware into the dishwasher.

• Do not pile up the tableware, place them one by one into each groove.

• Tableware should be tilted against the basket with dirty spot sides at the bottom which is easy for washing by water. Do not place tableware horizontally or upside down in case of collecting water on them.

• Please stick spoons and forks into the spoon basket.

• Tableware are not supposed to be placed outside of the basket and enter the spinning area of spray arm. In that case, they may block the spray arm which affects the washing result.

• Do not put extremely tiny tableware into the basket in case it may slip out of the basket and be drained with the dirty water out of the dishwasher.

• When you putting the bowl basket back into the dishwasher, make sure sharp end of tableware do not damage the door seal.

• Make sure not to touch or clean the coating of bowl basket with abrasive tool or sharp ends of objects. In case that bowl basket may get rusty after its coating is damaged.

• Knives and other tableware with sharp ends should be placed horizontally or sharp end put downward to avoid getting injuries when taking them out of the dishwasher.

• After putting the bowl basket into the dishwasher, please rotate the spray arm to check if they can work normally.


It is recommended that check the interior of dishwasher and clean it regularly. Use some citric-acid detergent with wet cloth to clean crevices such as corners under the door seal. For cleaning interior of dishwasher, please use dishwasher detergent and refer to the detail instructions of detergent. Do not use washing powder to replace dishwasher exclusive detergent.

1. Remove the filter cup

1. Rotate the filter cup counterclockwise to remove the filter cup.

2. Remove the stainless steel filter at the same time.

2. Rinse

1. Rinse the filter under tap after removing the dust on it. It is recommended that use soft brush for cleaning instead of steel or stainless brush in case of damaging the stainless part of the system.

2. Rinse the filter cup and filter with water.

3. After rinsing the filter cup, put it back to the dishwasher and turn it clockwise to fix it until the triangle sign on the filter cup matches the sign on the stainless filter.

3. Spray arm cleaning

1. After removing the bowl basket, pull the down spray arm up to get rid of the buckle.

2. Check if there is blockage on the water outlet of spray arms. If so, please use sharp tool to unblock it and try to rinse the outlet with water.


Error code

Error code will be displayed In the screen when the dishwasher malfunctions.

Error code

Possible cause

Potential solutions


Thermistor short circuit

Contact customer service for help


Thermistor short circuit

Contact customer service for help


The appliance can't heat the water

Do not place the tableware leveled in case they may collect water resulting in the lack of water which fail heating in the dishwasher.


Water suction malfunctions

Contact customer service for help



1. Lean the appliance for 30°~45° to empty water in its bottom and restart.

2. Check if the drain hose is hung too high.

3. Check if the drain pipe is blocked, twisted or placed under heavy objects.

4. Check if the drain pipe malfunctions.

5. Contact customer service for help.


Abnormal heating

Contact customer service for help


Abnormal suction

1. The tap is not open completely.

2. The water flow is slow/ water pressure is low.

3. Being started multiple times under circumstance of lacking water.

4. Contact customer service for help.



Possible cause

Potential solutions

Washing powder/ pods remain in the dishwasher

1. The water outlet of spray arm is blocked so that detergent powder can not get rinsed thoroughly.

Unblock outlet on spray arm and run the dishwasher on Fast program to rinse foam on tableware.

2. Too much detergent powder was put or the size of washing pod is not small enough.

Run the Fast program to rinse tableware with water. Put recommended quantity of detergent into dishwasher according to the manual at next time.

3. Bad detergent powder/ pod was used.

Run the Fast program to rinse tableware with water. Please check if detergent expires. Or try with other brands of detergent.

4. Washing powder/ pod was not put into correct position.

Refer to the "Detergent adding method".

Some water and condensation remains in the inside of the dishwasher

This is normal which wont affect the result.

Foam remains in the dishwasher

Too much detergent powder was put or the size of washing pod is not small enough.

When there is little foam left in the dishwasher, open the door to make it disappear naturally. When the there is too much foam in the dishwasher, please dean it with tools manually.

Run any programs after removing foam manually for 3 minutes, repeat this process until all foam disappears.

Tableware is still wet

1. Tableware is not placed correctly as they may be stacked up.

Refer to the Tableware placement introductions".

2. The washing process has not done yet.

Wait for the process to complete.

3. The program it ran was Rapid/ Fruit.

There is no drying procedure in these two programs.

4. Did not choose the Preserve function.

To restart the dishwasher and run the Preserve program.

The dishwasher makes “woo~woo"sound when it is plugged while TAN" icon shows in the screen

The air circulation system is working.

It is a normal procedure of dishwasher.

The power button does not work

1. The button does not work while all of the display icons are not on. The possible reason is that the appliance is not plugged in or the electricity goes out.

Please plug the appliance into the grounded , functional socket and mate sure its voltage corresponds to the mains.

2. There is water or oil on the button or hands.

Clean the button or hand and keep them dry.

3. The Child lock function may be on.

Unlock the child lock.

4. Press the button too short.

Press the button for 1 second to start.

Buttons are not functioning except On/Off button

1. The door is open.

Make sure the door is shut.

2. Oil or water is on the finger or button.

Keep your hands and buttons dry and clean.

3. The Child lock function may be on.

Unlock the child lock.

4. PCB of door lock malfunctions

Contact customer service.

The Faucet icon shines when using the manual injection.

1. The tap is not open or the water stops running.

Make sure the tap is on with running water.

2. The flow meter malfunctions.

Contact customer service for help.

3. The injecting valve malfunctions.

Contact customer service for help.

The Faucet icon shines when using the automatic injection.

See other models: D600 BLACK & WHITE K24 M4 MP21

1. There is no water in the water tank or the pipe is not immersed in the water.

Add water into the container and make sure the pipe is immersed in the water.

2. The filter of suction pipe is blocked.

Clean the filter of the suction pipe.

3. The flow meter malfunctions.

Contact customer service for help.

It takes much longer to inject automatically.

It is normal phenomenon of injecting automatically.

Impact sounds emit during operating

Inappropriate placement of tableware causing the spray arm hitting with tableware.

Take out tableware and put it back to correct position according to the Tableware placement introductions".

Tableware is not cleaned thoroughly

1. Inappropriate placement of tableware causes them piled up.

Refer to 'Tableware placement introductions".

2. The selected program is incorrect.

Select appropriate program.

3. The detergent is not exclusive dishwasher detergent or the amount of detegent is too little.

Use the dishwasher detergent and put correct amount of detergent according to the reference.

4. The filter is not installed well hence food residues get into the filtering system.

Remove the spray arm and check the filter. Install the filter well and pull the ring firmly.

5. The outlet of spray arm is blocked.

Unblock the water outlet of spray ana.

6. The spray arm is stuck.

Check if tableware is placed inappropriate and block the spray anas.

7. Food residues dried on the tableware which are hard to remove.

Immerse tableware in the water for a while before putting them into dishwasher.

8. There may be power outage during the washing procedure.

Restart the washing program.

9. Some sort of food is hard to clean such as steamed egg.

It would be better to clean tableware with steel wool before putting them into the dishwasher.

There is much water left in the appliance when not in use

1. The drain pipe is hung too high.

Please lower the drain pipe.

2. The drain pipe is twisted, blocked or put under heavy objects.

Unblock and stretch the pipe, remove heavy objects on it.

3. The water level in the container exceeds the platform holds the dishwasher.

The water level in the container should not exceed the platform holding the dishwasher.

4. The drain pump malfunctions.

Contact customer service for help.

5. The injecting valve malfunctions.

Contact customer service for help.

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